Congenital Heart Disease Essay

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May 26, 2021
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May 26, 2021

Congenital Heart Disease Essay

Congenital Heart Disease Essay

Congenital Heart Disease

Required elements

Description of the disorder

Priority Nursing Diagnosis and why

Nursing Assessment / Clinical Manifestations Nursing Plan/ Goals/ Outcomes

Nursing Interventions

Nursing Evaluations

Patient and Family teaching

Conclusion/ Summary

Cites four (4) APA format references (at least 5 years old)

i want all the element above to be describe separate, each of the element in separate paragraph.

Reflection Individual Paper – Due according to syllabus

The student will be given a maternity or pediatric disorder that they might have encountered or will encounter in nursing practice. Write a (6)-page paper with references in APA format.

Required elements                                                                                                        Points

Description of the disorder                                                                                          10

Priority Nursing Diagnosis and why                                                                          10

Nursing Assessment / Clinical Manifestations                                                     10

Nursing Plan/ Goals/ Outcomes                                                                                                20

Nursing Interventions                                                                                                    10

Nursing Evaluations                                                                                                        10

Patient and Family teaching                                                                                        10

Conclusion/ Summary                                                                                                    10

Cites four (4) APA format references (at least 5 years old)                            10 Congenital Heart Disease Essay Paper