Who We Are

NURSING-ASSIGNMENTS is an academic writing service dedicated to assisting students with their written assignments/projects in any subject field. As such, we offer high school, undergraduate, and graduate students original, scholarly essays, term/research papers, case studies, analyses, book reviews, proposals, abstracts, literature reviews, lab reports, presentations, admissions and scholarship essays, resumes, cover letters, CV’s, theses and dissertations, and any other type of writing that may be required. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality and service and ultimately to ensure that students receive stellar grades on their written work.
2How do you differ with other writing websites?
First, we’re one of a very few agencies that recruit English-speaking writers who have degrees from accredited universities. All of our freelance writers must submit their credentials along with samples of original writing, so that our evaluators may review their appropriateness for our agency. Second, we guarantee that every piece of writing produced will be authentically researched and originally written, only after it has been ordered by a client. To ensure plagiarism-free writing, our editorial department reviews each piece and subjects it to a thorough plagiarism scan prior to client delivery. Many other agencies tap into databases of essays and papers and attempt to “spin” or “cut and paste” from existing works in a topic area. For the most part, these will never pass the scrutiny of instructors and professors who use plagiarism-scan software quite regularly. As well, many companies simply re-sell works that their writers have already produced, and these will be detected by a suspicious instructor.
3Is it legal to use your service?
Of course, it is legal! You have the right to purchase any legal product or service, and purchasing original academic writing is completely legal!

Our Guarantees

1Will my identity be protected?
Your personal information is encrypted, and we have effective firewalls in place. No one will ever know your identity or that you have used the services of NURSING-ASSIGNMENTS unless you choose to reveal this information. Once an essay or any other type of writing is delivered to and accepted by a customer, that writing piece is deleted from our system. It will never be seen distributed or sold anywhere – in fact, it becomes the customer’s property
2How do you handle plagiarism?
Our writers are bound by contract to produce only original works from scratch. As a further check, we use plagiarism-scan software to check each piece before it is sent to a client. We can also provide the report of this scan if requested
3Will I receive my paper on time?
It’s only in rare instances that your paper will arrive late. This would probably be due to illness, accident, or other personal emergencies of the writer. Over 99% of our orders are delivered on or before the deadline date provided by the client. In the extreme instance of a missed deadline, the client may request a refund, according to the refund policy published on our site
4What if I'm not satisfied with my paper?
At NURSING-ASSIGNMENTS, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. If you are dissatisfied, please contact a customer support professional with 7 days of delivery. The usual procedure is to contact the customer support office and then to contact your writer, requesting the revisions you would like. Most revisions are completed free of charge and achieved quite quickly.

Our Writers

1Can I communicate directly with my writer?
We encourage direct communication between writer and client, as a part of our policy of transparency. When there is this communication there are no misunderstandings about the order or finished product. Generally, this communication is set up through the website; however, when a complex and major work is ordered, it may be most expedient for writer and client to communicate more directly such as by phone or personal email. If you should wish this type of communication, please contact customer support, so that it may be arranged. Generally, writers wish to remain anonymous, as do clients, but, if they agree, certainly we can arrange for phone and/or direct email contact.
2What if the writer wishes to communicate with me?
Your writer will contact you through a message into your personal account. You will get an email stating that there is a message for you!
3Do you have experienced and qualified writers?
We have a rigorous writer selection process. Applicants must submit their academic credentials and a CV that provides their background and experience. We then give the applicant a writing assignment and review the finished product carefully. When a client places an order, we present it only to those writers who are qualified to complete it. Once a writer has been assigned you are free to contact the writer and request any additional information about his/her qualifications.
4Are your writers native UK English-speaking?
Yes. All of our writers are academics from the UK, U.S., Australia, and Canada, and, occasionally Western Europe, if they are fully proficient in English. Occasionally, we do employ writers from other countries as well, but only when they have been educated in English-speaking universities. Any client may request a writer from a specific country if they wish.

The Ordering Process

1How do I place an order?
On the website, you need only access the order form. On this form, we ask that you complete all fields with as much detail as possible, so that we have a complete picture of what you need. New customers will also need to create a personal account for purposes of communication during the process. Your completed order form will be analyzed and accepted. At this point, you will be asked to make payment, and we will locate the perfect writer for your work.
2How do I pay for my order?
Once your order has been accepted, we will ask for payment. You payment procedure is as follows: -Using your personal account (username and password protected), go to the “My Orders” link on your navigation panel. -Open your order and click to “check out.” You will be given options of PayPal, credit cards, or bank account. -Provide your information and click “Make Payment.” A Word About Security: If you use PayPal, you understand the security involved. If you use a credit card or e-check, please understand that all payments are processed by a secure third-party – the same that you would use when you purchase from Amazon or E-Bay.
3How will you deliver my paper?
As soon as your paper is completed and checked by our editing department we upload it to your personal account. We also email you to let you know it is ready and, if you wish, we will also send it to your personal email.
4What if I need my paper revised?
Simply contact our customer support department by phone, email, or live chat and we will take care of it immediately!
  • Nursing Writing Services

    No matter if you need an essay, a resume, a research paper, or a draft of a dissertation, Nursing-Assignments.com will make it a reality for you. In case of any questions, you are most welcome to contact our service. Our live chat operates 24/7. Nursing-Assignments.com is where students can find all types of essay writing help, they need to improve their grades. Below is a simple description of the ordering process with our service:

    • Place Your Order
    • Submit your payment.
    • Get an email notification when your essay is finished.
  • Nursing Writing

    Medical writing, depending on the outlet, requires professionals to research and write about those findings in a way that can be understood by average readers, yet is informative to those in the industry. This task can be difficult, yet those with a background in science and medicine are better equipped to effectively write to both audiences.

    Depending on an individual’s expertise level, nurses can effectively provide health tips and information to readers. These roles are typically not limited to just writing but also performing editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Nursing-assignments.com assists all nurses, from any academic level to write quality papers and in good time.

  • Nursing Research Papers

    Research papers are required in almost all courses offered in the university or colleges. A research paper is written when a proper analysis and fact-finding on a certain topic is done. Normally, a research paper requires adequate and very resourceful find out of a certain topic that has been given by the lecturer or the professor. A research paper mainly contains the method used for research and it also requires very well written citations where the citation is needed. Nursing-Assignments.com has drafted numerous research papers and we have capable writers ready to carry out thorough research on any topic.

  • Nursing Term Papers

    A term paper is required at the end of the term or semester in the college or university. It is aimed at capturing all information gained and all that was learned by a nursing student in that semester. A term paper carries its own marks and hence a good term paper is compulsory. Before one can write the term paper it is important that they have identified with the topic, go through all the important details on the topic before doing a research where adequate information is not readily available.

    Nursing-Assignments.com has writers ready to write on any term paper topic completely from scratch. Contact us if you need a nursing term paper! We will deliver quality term papers before your deadline.

  • Nursing Dissertations

    Nursing-Assignments.com is a company experienced in producing the best dissertation papers for your nursing masters and Ph.D. The writers have an experience in that sector and will guarantee you nothing less than your expectations. Normally, a dissertation paper can’t be addressed any way that one could choose to. It has its own special formality that has to be followed to the last bit. When writing a dissertation paper, the student is required to be fully equipped with all relevant information without causing any possible contradictions.

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