Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

a)What is a working relationship?
A working relationship is with the people you work. This could be you line manager, colleagues, clients or their families.

b)What is a personal relationship?
Personal relationships are with friends and family. You don’t have a code of conduct or set out rules.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

c)Explain the difference between a working relationship and a personal relationship. The difference between working and personal relationships are: With working relationships you have clear boundaries and policies and procedures in place that you must follow.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

You must follow the code of conduct. You are involved with the certain people for a reason and you cannot choose these relationships. With personal relationships, to a certain extent there are no boundaries, no rules or policies. You can share information and secrets. You can’t choose your family.

d)Describe the different working relationships that you have: c)Inside the workplace
Managers, supervisors, senior support workers, social workers, other support workers or apprentices, volunteers, clients families, clients, trainers, councillor’s, hair dressers, chefs, kitchen assistants, laundry assistant, priest, chiropodist, handy man, office clerks, physiotherapist, nurses, DN’s, opticians, mini bus driver, doctors, CPN’s, paramedics and other emergency services. ci)Outside the workplace. Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, extended family, your partner, friends, work friends, people you meet out and about, people that serve you in shops.

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Activity 2

•Why is it important to follow your job description?
You job description is important because it tells you what is expected of you and what you can expect from the employer in return. It sets out clear guidelines on your role and the responsibilities you have. Also the company has rules and orders that you need to abide by and they set their own schedules. Without all these the work place would be a chaotic place.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

•Where would you find all your workplace policies and procedures and how can you access these? You can find them either displayed around the workplace or all together in a folder. Alternatively they may be in the managers’ office. Anyone can access them and they should be readily available for anyone that wishes to see them.

•Explain the reasons for following these policies and procedures You should follow them as they are in place for a reason, to protect yourself and to offer you legal protection. It is also to support the staff and guide them with the health and safety aspects of the work. It is your responsibility to read them and abide by them.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

Activity 3

•Describe why it is important to work in partnership with other individuals both inside and outside the workplace It is important to work in partnership with other people because if you didn’t, things just wouldn’t get done and things just wouldn’t work. A team that doesn’t work together is a very weak team. if people don’t communicate with each other properly then they would fall out all the time and problems would quickly arise.

•How can the way you work within your organisation improve partnership working? You must have good communication skills in order to share information and to be able to agree on decisions making and the objectives. It essential to respect and value other peoples’ opinions and the work that they do. This would also help with resolving conflicts. Involving all members of the team when making clear decisions would help create a good strong team, which work together well – enhancing the quality of the care that people receive.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

•What skills and approaches may you need to use when dealing with conflict? To deal with conflict, you must be calm and understanding, able to control your emotions and behaviour. You should be aware of communication taking place and able to compromise and manage stress. You should understand and respect that not everyone will get along with each other. We are all different and have the right to an opinion, just because it’s not your opinion, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong. You need to be able to actively listen and come to a compromise from this, and above all try to avoid accusations.

•Where would you find information about support and advice for partnership working and resolving conflicts? You could ask your manager or supervisor, citizens advice bureau, library, internet, trade unions and union rep, other professional organisations, colleagues, counsellor and mentoring.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

Working partners

My work place is for elderly people with dementia. We provide some long term care as well as respite. As a support worker, I have been asked to produce a report on partnership working and resolving conflicts in an adult based care setting. At my workplace, I come into contact with a great variety of people. This includes my line managers, my colleagues, district nurses, GP’s, clients and their families. Good communication and team work is essential in all aspects of my job, and requires some basic rules, such as: Objectives within the roles and responsibility, and objectives of the job, being able to make decisions, sharing information and knowing when it is necessary and when it should be kept confidential.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

Also, being able to resolve conflicts is a big part or working partnerships, as not everyone is going to get along with each other and sometimes people need to just be able to listen and come up with a compromise. It is all about delivering good quality social care to the clients, whilst maintaining strong working relationships. With so many people now requiring all different aspects of care, it is not a one person job can do, but a job for several people. A shared purpose is key to a good partnership.

There are many ways of improving the working partnership. These are general and everyday things that should be regularly done to enable a happy and co-operative workforce. Respect and valuing the work of others is a big part of this. Everyone is individual and we all bring different skills experiences and knowledge, so put together is even better! Acknowledging people and the work that they do also contributes: If someone is consistently working well and it is not recognised or acknowledged, then they may after a while think ‘why should I bother?’ and not try as hard. Equally, someone that has done something unexpected or to a high standard should be praised for their efforts as this is positive reinforcement and is more likely to produce consistently high standards of work. When decisions are being made, it is very important to make sure that everyone is involved and feels ‘part of it’.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

If not, they may decide not to abide by the new decisions and responsibilities, which will eventually weaken the team. Keeping the team informed and up to date with things that are going on is an excellent way of involving everyone, showing respect and requires good communication! This all contributes to ensuring the team does not become a gang. A team works together to the best of their ability and aims to get the best results possible under the circumstances given. A gang will not work with everyone in the workplace, which will start singling people out, and may alienate themselves from everyone else, while ignoring any changes of job role or responsibility.

Working relationships are built up on the performance at work. For example, if someone was to slack off and wriggle out of hard work, they are far less likely to get on with everyone, or be included with things, which will just break a team down, compared to someone who consistently puts their all in, helps people out when they need and doesn’t slack off, who will get on well and work well with the team, is far more likely to be involved in any changes or decisions and would be valued more in the team. When people are working well together, it makes it far easier to ask for any advice and support that you might need, or be able to give out to others. It makes it easier to work to the best interests of the people around you and to make sure that you have the best possible guidance to work alongside others.Working Relationships Health and Social Care Essay

However things don’t always run smoothly, and when conflict does arise a solution or compromise must be met as soon as possible. Things that would help with defusing a situation are, to make sure that there is dialogue going on, not debate or accusations. Any criticism that is made against others must be constructive and supportive. This could be achieved by pointing out where someone may be going wrong, or might need some more support, and then finding a way of helping them to change it or to support them a bit more. Otherwise this can be very down treading and will cause a big rift between colleagues. Also, make sure that supporting colleagues goes two ways. Make sure that enough support is being received as well as given to others, not leaving anyone left dragging behind.