What are the effects of lower staffing of clinical nursing specialists in nursing facilities?

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April 6, 2021
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What are the effects of lower staffing of clinical nursing specialists in nursing facilities?

What are the effects of lower staffing of clinical nursing specialists in nursing facilities?

Define your role, position, and how positionality will impact your research study.
The position of the researcher will be that of the outsider while collaborating with insiders to ensure the discovery of what changes are needed to occur so that more clinical nursing specialists are employed as staff in the health care facility so as to cater to the increasing population of patients. In relation to the area of study, there should be a clear statement of the position of the researcher. There has been a blur in separating outsiders and insiders in qualitative research (Ritchie, Zwi & Blingnault, (2009). Thus, there is significance in defining what position the researcher holds by the distance created psychologically and physically from the studied phenomena.
By being an outsider, the researcher will make an evaluation of the methods of study being used so that strategies for improvement can be recommended. It is also important to be an outsider to ensure that there is no bias due to personal feelings, which might lead to alteration of the study’s interpretation and thus, hinder progress. By being in collaboration with insiders, the researcher as an outsider will conduct interviews to get feedback from the staff at the facility on the staffing of clinical nursing specialists and the patient outcomes related to it.

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2.6 Research Questions and Project Goals/Objectives

List the research questions or project goals. These should align with the need for organizational structure or activities/outcomes of the project.
The main focus of this research will be based on evidence-based practice of clinical staffing of nursing specialists in order to get the positive outcomes of patient care in health care facilities.
1. What are the roles and responsibilities of clinical nurse specialists in a health care facility?
Objective: To discover what roles are played by the clinical nurse specialists in the facility

2. What are the effects of lower staffing of clinical nursing specialists in nursing facilities?
Objective: To discover the staffing levels of the facility and what effects it has on patient outcomes

3. Is there an association between staffing of clinical nurse specialist and patient outcomes?
Objective: To measure the level of clinical nurse specialist staffing and patient outcomes

Section #3 To be completed by Learner

3.1 Action Plan

Provide detailed steps to implementing your research plan. This should read like a recipe for conducting your project.
Be sure to include all the necessary details so that someone else would be able to follow this and replicate the project exactly.
To complete this research; adequate information will be gathered from the CNS as the key specialists directly involved with the issue and RNs. Theoretical information will also be gathered from journals, books, and other online sources to support the findings of this research. Data will be gathered to support this study and make a statistical analysis of the issue and how it impacts service delivery at the selected health facility. To gain insight into the influence of the organizational change in the nursing sector; the main interview will be carried out with a sample of CNS and RNs that will be selected randomly (Rowley, 2012).
The project will be guided by the objectives outlined above so as to make a clear flow and management of the issues be addressed. The major part of this project will relate to a gathering of adequate and accurate data through the interviews and a review of the relevant hospital records. The project will also be supported by personal views on the matter based on the results of the data collected. The data will be analyzed and the conclusion drawn thus making it easier for deductions to be made. Crucial data analysis tools will be used to ensure accuracy in interpretation of the data thus adding to the quality of the research (Kim, 2011). Data will finally be presented in various forms to make it easy to read. The various data presentation forms to be used include tables and charts.