Week6 Discussion: Power Dynamics

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June 6, 2022
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June 6, 2022

Week6 Discussion: Power Dynamics

Week6 Discussion: Power Dynamics
Week6 Discussion: Power Dynamics


Week 6 discussion Power Dynamics There is no graded Discussion Board assignment this week; however, a Week 6 optional discussion board is available for your voluntary participation. Bring to mind a nurse whose words, behaviors, or reputation convey power. What is it about this individual that suggests power? How does your perception of this person relate to your view of yourself as a nurse leader and the image you associate with nursing? Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.

‘ve seen this words in news article and books but have no idea what it means.
I’ve googled everywhere but couldn’t find any answers.
Can someone elaborate what it means?
I’m guessing maybe it’s used in negative situations and can occur in out daily lives like in work, relationship…
Can someone please explain?

…how important it is to theorize the diverse and changing power dynamics between the different genders, races, classes, and ages of household members.

… Far and away, most sexual assaults and sexual violence are perpetrated by men, and typically arise within asymmetrical power dynamics, where the perpetrator occupies a more powerful or dominant position in relation to the victim.A “power dynamic” is the way different people or different groups of people interact with each other and where one of these sides is more powerful than the other one.

The intention of the quote is to make you as the reader aware of the importance of thinking about power dynamics, meaning that you should think about which group(s) influence(s) which other group(s) in respect to:

different genders
different races
different classes
different ages of household members
To not stir any discussion, let’s look at a simplified version of the last example: different ages of household members. In general children should obey their parents – the power dynamic is that parents have power/influence over their children. That is what you should think about: How is this expressed? Is this right? Is this how we as a society want it to be?

A power dynamic is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be used that way if you want to show that a certain dynamic is not desirable and want to illustrate what the problems of the dynamic are and how these problems could be solved. Especially your second quote about asymmetric power dynamicsillustrates how the author wants to show the reader that one group holds power over the other.