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Cultural domains refer to a group of things that are important in a similar way and at the same time share similar characteristics (Negro Alousque 2009). The following portfolio outlines three domains (Healthcare practices Nutrition and Healthcare practitioners) related to the healthcare profession.
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Health care practices

Use of herbal medicine in (Haiti)
Medical cures made from natural substances such as herbs and tree barks

Health care practices

Meditation(South East Asia) This is used to help moderate body metabolism and cope with stress as well as raise the immunity of an individual (Andrews 2004)12/10/16


Setting the stage (Japan)
Presentation of food in a colorful but very limited amount in order to watch calories
(10 Surprising Healthy Eating Habits from Around the World 2013)12/10/16

Mesir festival (Turkey) mixture of several spices to cure many diseases13/10/16

Health care practitioners

Voodoo specialists use unconventional special techniques to cure illnesses13/10/16

Health care practitioners

Herbalists in West Africa using herbal medicine from plants to prevent and cure diseases

retrieved from (The holistic approach of Africas rich resource of traditional medicine 2016)Portfolio Assignment: Evidence Form Portfolio Interview QuestionsWhat makes a good reflection? Please provide an example from your portfolio.
Some of the cultural aspects relating to health are really interesting and great insight on how other people handle their health issues overseas for instance the herbalists in West Africa and in Haiti all this active learning greatly facilitates the understanding of this course.Why is reflecting on your work an important part of your portfolio?Reflection is necessary considering that it brings a number of things into perspective for one the essence of other cultural practices as it also creates a link between theory and practices thus creating an understanding of what one might have understood during theory by gaining further insight through practical application.What have you learned about yourself from developing this portfolio?I have learnt that I need to get more conversant with other health practices relating to various cultures.If someone who had never met you picked up your portfolio what would they learn about you? I think they would probably think I am a versatile person who is flexible and knowledgeableImagine you were to find your portfolio 25 years from now what do you think it would mean to you then?It would mean a great deal especially considering how much cultural practices change having been able to be a part of certain things while they happened and being able to document them is a profound and thought-provoking experience.If you were to keep one entry from your portfolio to demonstrate your interest and strength in cultural competency which one would you choose and why?I bet this would have to be the Healthcare practices particularly things relating to meditation and how the mind and body are intertwined in health is quite interesting
Portfolio Assignment: Evidence Form Portfolio Feedback Starters
A good reflection should clearly show the understanding of both theory and practice which is able to explain what your portfolio contains. What I particularly identify with is meditation as a health practice. Its an activity that I have done over the years and it has been particularly helpful especially in the reduction of stress levels which in most cases leads to ill health and is a high contributor of heart disease. Moreover something that captured my attention is the unconventional use of Voodoo in Haiti which is used surprisingly when it comes to matters of health and cures. I particularly valued the Japanese nutritional practice setting the stage that is meant to help people watch the calories they take. This is a very interesting festival which encourages people to take care of their diet in order to control their calories intake this can aid in reducing cases of obesity.
However something you wrote that pushed my own thinking was the aspect of the use of herbal medicine in Haiti. I believe that alternative forms of medicine such as herbal medicine should be incorporated into the treatment of different diseases. More research should be done focusing on the advantages of herbal medicine and how it can be used to supplement modern medicine. From the coverage in your portfolio you have shown me that you clearly understand what transcultural nursing incorporates. The entries outline some of the most important cultural domains that are directly related to healthcare. The healthcare practices is a very interesting idea for an entry because it shows the diversity that one can find in different cultures when it comes to the way they handle healthcare issues.
One idea that stood out for me is how meditation is helpful in improving an individuals immunity. I think its important for people to be more aware of this because it can help prevent illness that tend to attack an individuals immune system. Nevertheless I would really like to learn more about the Mesir Festival in Turkey especially on the type of spices they ground and mix and which diseases are cured using these different spices.

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