Did you know smoking cigarettes have killed nearly 6 million people every year?  Smoking cigarettes can be really hard for some people to stop doing.  Many people smoke cigarettes because they’re stressed about many things in their life.  Many teenagers are being peer pressured to smoke cigarettes every day in this world.  There are many causes why people smoke cigarettes, and there are many effects if you choose to smoke cigarettes.  There isn’t any good effects when it comes to smoking cigarettes.  Smoking cigarettes can affect your physical health.  You can also get bad habits from smoking cigarettes and having financial problems.The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Sample Essay

Smoking cigarette can affect your physical health.  Keeping your body healthy is the most important thing in your life.  We already inhale pollution in the air from factories, vehicles, and other machines, what do you think will happen when people continue to smoke cigarettes?  Smoking cigarettes can mess up your lungs really bad because tar can be injected into your body, and you can lose your teeth, which causes bad breath.The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Sample Essay  Smoking cigarettes can even make you look older at a younger age. Smoking cigarettes can cause you to lose your eye sight, and you can even die from smoking cigarettes.  You can get diagnosed with many diseases; Cancer, Stroke, Asthma are some common diseases from smoking.  You can lose your hair and your strength, whereas you won’t be able to walk or run anymore.  One day I was watching a cigarette commercial, and there was a lady talking about when she used to smoke cigarette.  As I was watching TV, I realize the lady voice didn’t sound normal, she was diagnosed with cancer from smoking all her life.   She had a huge hole in the middle of her throat, so she had to put tubes in her throat every day.  It is always good to keep your body healthy at all times.

You can also get bad habits from smoking cigarettes.  Many people are addicted to smoking and can’t stop.  People just have to have them, and they will do anything to smoke a cigarette.  Many people have habits of smoking and drinking at the same time.  It’s just a routine they do every day.  Smokers have bad habits of leaving work, or taking time off just to smoke.  They also will leave a conversation just to smoke a cigarette.  Some people smoke around kids, and don’t care to do so.  Second hand smoke is a habit smokers do.  Smoking around other kids might influence them to smoke cigarettes when they become teenagers.For instance, I have an uncle who smokes anywhere even around my little cousins, he just so use to smoking I don’t know if he does it on purpose or not.  It’s bad for my cousins because one of my cousins has asthma and that can harm him.They get a habit of doing it every day.  There are many things smokers got a bad habit of doing.  Some smokers get a habit of laziness when they smoke. They just sit around and smoke their lives away.  Some smokers grind their teeth together, bite their nails and other habits they believe they can’t stop doing.The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Sample Essay

Finally, smoking cigarettes can be a financial problem.  How you going to get to work without gas? Or how you going to pay your bills?  You have to think about those things but, some people don’t.  Many people buy a pack of cigarettes every day.  Smokers nearly spend $1,000 or more a year on cigarettes, although the money can go to something else you need.  Cigarettes is a want not a need.  Smokers will choose their last money on cigarettes than on food sometimes.  For example, I was watching a movie at home.  There was a lady who smoke cigarettes heavy.  She also had a baby to take care of, and the baby needed diapers.  The woman didn’t have any money left because she use the money to buy cigarettes, and she had to ask other people for money to get diapers for the baby.  Problems like that can actually happen in real life.  You will have to miss work because you don’t have money for a gas.  Doctor bills are really high these days, and you can’t afford to pay them off because the money went on cigarettes.

In conclusion, the effects of smoking cigarettes can ruin your life.  Many people know the effects of their physical health, bad habits, and financial problems when it comes to smoking cigarettes, but they don’t care about it.  Some say they can’t stop but you actually can, it’s not hard to do.  Smoking cigarettes is a major problem.  Smoking can change your whole life and it can also end it.  It’s not cool.  Many people passed away from this drug.  Your body will never be the same.  One good way to smoking cigarettes is to stop before it’s too late.The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Sample Essay