spread awareness regarding obesity among the African-American group.

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September 19, 2022
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September 19, 2022

spread awareness regarding obesity among the African-American group.


Project Aims, Values, and Desired Outcomes

Yanet Galan

West Coast University.


Project Aims, Values, and Desired Outcomes

Describe the project’s aim.

The primary aim of the project is to spread awareness regarding obesity among the African-American group. It has accumulated data and statistics that explains some of the reasons why the group is the most affected by obesity as compared to other minority cultures in the state. Another aim of the project is to explains some of the fundamental causes of the atrocities and why African-Americans are placed under the significant risks of contraction (Assari, 2018). For instance, the central factor that prevails obesity among the culture is their minimal access to healthcare facilities. They are discriminated by race and color thus few people have chances to seek professional help regarding obesity and how to maintain it. Furthermore, the project aims to highlight some of the basic strategies taken by the government and medical facilities to intervene and prevent the massive spread of obesity among Black Americans.

Describe the Project Value

The main stakeholders are the African-Americans suffering from obesity. Creating awareness will help the cultural group attract medical institutions ready to offer their help and teach them regarding various strategies used to curb the disease (Assari, 2018). De to their increased poverty levels, multiple organizations will be formed to sponsor obesity awareness projects. Moreover, they will massively benefit since solutions will be created on how to prevent obesity and decrease the rising rates not only in Black Americans but also other minority races present within America. The government is also a stakeholder that should be involved in obesity prevention among the African-Americans. They can contribute to the change project by providing the necessary resources that would help eradicate the premises. For instance, creating health policies that favor minority races within the state to facilitate acquisition of quality treatment. The nursing professional will be in demand since obese people require increased professional care. They require nurses to educate them on various ways to curb obesity and ensure that an individual experiences normal life.

Desired Outcomes

The initial purpose of the change project was to invent permanent solutions for rampantly spreading obesity. The central desired outcome for the project is to analyze the possible solutions to obesity among African-American communities. Finding the right solutions ensure that the percentage rate of obesity drops to a lower level. For instance, the central strategy to curb obesity spread is to introduce a routine health diet to the victims (Assari, 2018). The primary benefit is that continuous adherence to that project will ensure that most people observe massive drops in their weight. Furthermore, general people in the community will learn how to create healthy eating habits and avoid most of the foods that trigger obesity development. Moreover, another desired outcome of the change project is that the African-Americans will receive quality care like other citizens in America.

Moreover, another anticipated outcome is for the culture to be educated regarding obesity. Overall education is essential since it will prevent massive increase of victims. They will take cautious actions which protect them against obesity of other atrocities that results from the disease like diabetes or hypertension. Another anticipated outcome is to analyze some of the contributions of the nurses in culminating the change (Assari, 2018). The project seeks to determine whether their efforts have contributed in advocating against obesity within the African-American community. The change project analyzes some of the victims and the change accomplished after implementing the initial solutions.


Assari, S. (2018). Family income reduces risk of obesity for white but not black children. Children, 5(6), 73.