peptic ulcer disease assignment

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January 26, 2022
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peptic ulcer disease assignment

peptic ulcer disease assignment

peptic ulcer disease assignment

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Question 23. Question : The nurse practitioner is assessing a patient’s skin during an office visit. What is the best technique to use to best assess the patient’s skin temperature?

Use the fingertips because they’re more sensitive to small changes in temperature.

Use the dorsal surface of the hand because the skin is thinner than on the palms.

Use the ulnar portion of the hand because there is increased blood supply that enhances temperature sensitivity.

Use the palmar surface of the hand because it is most sensitive to temperature variations because of increased nerve supply in this area.

Question 24. Question : Percussion notes heard during the abdominal assessment may include:

flatness, resonance, and dullness.

resonance, dullness, and tympany.

tympany, hyperresonance, and dullness.

resonance, hyperresonance, and flatness.

Question 25. Question : The nurse practitioner is assessing a patient for possible peptic ulcer disease and knows that which condition often causes this problem?


Streptococcus infections

History of constipation and frequent laxative use

Frequent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Question 1: You are participating in a health fair and performing cholesterol screens. One person has a cholesterol level of 225. She is concerned about her risk for developing heart disease. Which of the following factors is used to estimate the 10-year risk of developing coronary heart disease?


Alcohol intake



Question 2. Question : You are concerned that a patient has an aortic regurgitation murmur. Which is the best position to accentuate the murmur?


Upright, but leaning forward


Left lateral decubitus

Question 3. Question : You are screening people at the mall as part of a health fair. The first person who comes for screening has a blood pressure of 132/85. How would you categorize this?



Stage 1 hypertension

Stage 2 hypertension