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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022

Mourning Assignment

1. Briefly describe your own cultural practices related to mourning. If you have no cultural practices, describe your beliefs how mourning can impact the death experience.

2. Identify the cultural group that you have selected for comparison purposes. Answer the remaining questions based on this cultural group.

3. Discuss some of the values/beliefs of the selected group that support the group’s mourning practices/activities (for example, a belief that there is an after-life).

4. Describe how long the mourning period lasts.

5. Describe some of the activities that are a part of the mourning tradition (for example, attire worn by the mourners, cleansing of the body procedures, restriction of embalming, use of cremation, funerals, etc.).

6. Provide the source of your information at the bottom of the page.