Motivation in the Nursing Profession

Motivation in the Nursing Profession
Nursing profession is one of major profession shunned by many individuals across the world. Many people view it as less respectable as compared to other medical professions. However the profession has received positive limelight especially in the modern days where high prevalence of lifestyle diseases is increasing at alarming rate. The major challenge hampering the operation of private and public medical facilities is the lack of adequate nursing staff. It is chronic problem that has got the attention of many governments across the globe.
My motivation in nursing profession started thirty years ago when I was only ten years of age. Two major events motivated me and played a major in shaping my aspirations of being a nurse. The events of civil unrest in Tajikistan in 1993 played a major role in changing my preference and motivation of becoming a professional nurse. There was massive injuries and death of civilians due police shooting during protests. Though I was very young I was emotionally touched watching people writhing in pain in hospital beds with no one attending to them due to what I came to realize was shortage of nurses in public hospitals.
The event that really motivated and inspired me to become a nurse happened in our family. My grandmother was elderly and was suffering from chronic chest illnesses. This happened when we had moved from Tajikistan to London due the civil unrest. My elder sister and I were left at home to take care of our ailing grandmother as my parent went out to work. I went through situations that made me swear to become a nurse so that I can assist many people suffering in hospital and at home due to various illnesses.
When my O-level exams were out when I was seventeen I told my parents that I wanted to enroll for nursing degree with a local university. Initially my parents contested the decision but I stood to my guns and explained to them my passion for the nursing. They agreed and I enrolled for degree in nursing. I passionately studied hard and after four years I graduated with a first class honors. I secured a job with the largest referral hospital in England where I started working immediately.
My experience as a registered nurse for the last ten years at the referral hospital and sometimes part time with several hospitals in the city has further strengthened my motivation for nursing. My experience working as a nurse has presented many challenges that have served as motivators. I have faced the realities of the profession and gained vital knowledge in nursing. My knowledge and experience enabled me identify the weaknesses in the healthcare system in the country and various measures that need to be taken for improve the entire system. Furthermore I have been able to work tirelessly to save life of many patients I have attended to. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when I watch a patient pass on under care without proper attention. My service to patient has earned me promotion as a head nurse in the maternity department. This has further motivated me to perform better than before.
The head nurse position has also encouraged me to enroll for a master degree in nursing. Additionally I am taking part time lessons in management to improve my management skills. My greatest motivation for further studies is to enable me achieve greater performance of my nursing duties from a higher level in the hospital. I value life and I will always be motivated to save humanity. Patient service is my obligation nursing is my calling.