Life Expectancy of People with heart Disease

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September 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022

Life Expectancy of People with heart Disease




Students Name: Carlos M. Legra

Chamberlain University

Leading Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Healthcare

Professors Name: Dr. Douglas Bartelt













Hello Dr Bartelt and class

I select Hialeah, Florida. Due to the increased rate of heart disease cases among the Spanish, there is an urgent need to develop a strategy to eliminate the growing rate of illness. In the past year, there were 409 new cases reported and 531 Spanish deaths out of heart diseases which resemble 0.236% of the total amount of Spanish. People above 50 years were at higher risk of getting heart diseases since out of 409 new cases, only 56 persons were under 50 years. The study, therefore, indicates that emphasis should be put more on age to reduce the fatality rate



Total population

Life Expectancy of People with heart Disease

Difference in Life Expectancy between health and people with heart disease

Individual Died of Heart Disease in the study year

Individual Member of


Individual Diagnosed by heart disease in the prior study year



Individual Diagnosed by heart disease in the study year









Age of Individual Diagnosed by Heart Disease













Heart diseases are mainly caused by high cholesterol, smoking, inactivity, and overweight. There have been alarming increased cases of heart diseases, and in the past few years was lacked the number one killer in the world. Every year 647 000 Americans die because of heart disease, one out of every four deaths making the disease ranked the most probable cause of death in America. Further studies showed that most Spanish don’t know the probable causes of heart diseases, which makes them continue to rtheir health and life (Catalano,(2017)). We found that much Spanish smoke tobacco is uncontrolled. They don’t involve themselves in any activity to exercise their bodies. Even they don’t bother their feeding, whereby they take too much cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels and heart causing heart diseases.

To control heart disease cases, we need to start educational programs for citizens to create awareness about the major causes of heart diseases. In creating awareness, we will mobilize people to involve themselves in activities to exercise their bodies, observe their diets by avoiding too much cholesterol, reduce the rate of smoking, and maintain their body size to reduce obesity Wang, (2018)). The other way to intervene is by providing free blood pressure tests to people regularly at least once per year. Regular tests will make diseases be realized at early stages where they can be treated.

The government should be persuaded to provide more medical facilities like testing machines, training more doctors to fight the disease, and investing in research to develop better means of protecting and fighting heart diseases. Since the aged are at higher risk of dying from heart disease, the government should offer free medical attendance to them or subsidize the cost of getting medical attention.



CLAS Standards

The standard of CLAS is applied in health and health care to improve the quality of health and advance health equality. CLAS standards are done by establishing a framework for the organizations to serve nations despite increasing diversity. The above intervention has been based on heart diseases to different ages and more based on Latino ethnic. A governance workforce and leadership principal help sustain the organizational governance, especially leadership that will help promote CLAS and health policy practices. Culture and linguistic will be supported because of diverse governance that considers all the people regardless of age and ethnics. The above intervention has also talked about communication and having language assistance to give up assistance to all individuals who may not be wee conversant with the required language. If there’s an establishment of cultural and linguistic policies, it will provide an easy understanding of one another.




Heart diseases have become a disaster not only among the Spanish but to the whole world. Therefore, there is a need for all sectors to unite to fight and prevent the world from getting into worse conditions. People need to be enlightened on the causes of heart diseases and ways to reduce the chances of being a victim. All governments should unite and perform research on cure and preventive measures of the disease.







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