Learning disabilities, Maternity care, Children’s services or Adult healthcare.

Importance of the Topic to Nursing and Healthcare
October 28, 2019
Describe the role of the advanced practice nurse as a case manager in this type of nursing situation.
October 28, 2019

Learning disabilities, Maternity care, Children’s services or Adult healthcare.

Learning disabilities, Maternity care, Children’s services or Adult healthcare.


Assessment strategy
The element for submission is as follows: two reflective accounts of 1000 words each, to demonstrate a well-informed understanding of alternative fields of healthcare practice or services, other than the student’s own. As a general guideline, try to keep the descriptive element of the essays to a minimum whilst maximising the analytical component. It is the analysis and synthesis of ideas that attracts the majority of marks for the assignment. In reflective work you should be considering the thoughts (cognitive), feelings (affective) and behavioural dimensions associated with your experiences. It is possible to support these elements with references to standard texts about reflection.
A useful strategy is to offer your description of place/time/event as appendices (approx half a page each) and refer to these in your discussion.
Confidentiality of patients, practitioners and organisations should be maintained appropriately. No individual should be identified either directly or by implication unless the material has been made public. Organisations can be referenced to any material that has been published in a public domain. Avoid hearsay and unsubstantiated assertions;- check your facts.

Adult students should select two of the following:
Mental health, Learning disabilities, Maternity care or Children’s services.

Mental health students should select two of the following:
Learning disabilities, Maternity care, Children’s services or Adult healthcare.

This work is allocated pass/fail and must be achieved along with CW2 to pass the module.

Please select two of the following topics, one topic per reflective account, and reflect on how they were implemented in the alternative fields of healthcare practice that you accessed during your simulation of practice experience.

• Communication
• Clinical care/service delivery
• Safeguarding/advocacy/risk management
• Organisational aspects of service provision
• Government initiatives

For example, you could discuss communication in the context of learning disability e.g. use of Makaton etc and how this might be transferrable to ‘general’ nursing.

In order to organise your reflection you may wish to consider using a reflective model e.g. Driscoll, Johns or Gibbs. You may use other models but do be sure to offer an overview of the process

You also need to reflect on what you have learnt from alternative fields of healthcare and how it will benefit your practice in your own field. Again, to take the above example, you could consider how being able to communicate effectively with an adult with learning disabilities can improve patient care in the Adult or Mental Health field.

Since this is an academic piece you are required to include references where appropriate to justify your argument and a reference list. These are not included in the total word count. Use of the Harvard system is mandatory for this University

It will be marked according to the Level 7 marking criteria, even though it is pass/fail. A copy of this grid can be found in the Assessment folder.

Please adhere to the Confidentiality policy

Clear instructions on the coursework:

• Kindly note: I have chosen to reflect my experience in an adult psychiatric ward where i went as a student nurse to observe their nursing practises. The two topics i wish to discuss are Communication and safeguarding
o Or maybe
• Communication and Organisational aspects of service provision
(it depends on the one you think you can explore more on and which can fetch me more marks. .
1000 words of each topic
• The reflective model i want to use is Gibbs reflective model.
Kindly explain advantage of gibbs over other reflective model
• Description of the scenario should be in appendix and should be referred to in the essay
• There is need to explain how my experience on this two topics can be implemented in my own area of nursing.
• My own area of nursing is adult nursing
• The area i chose for my broadening perspective task is mental health nursing
Will send any other necessary information if the need be
Thank you
Kindly see the marking grid for the module below