Informative and Persuasive Paper

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August 5, 2022
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August 5, 2022

Informative and Persuasive Paper

Rubric #9, Informative and Persuasive Paper (M7) Remember to use the information in the columns to meet the criteria for the assignment.

Accomplished Proficient Needs Work Unacceptable

Informational content 15 points

*Intro, body, & conclusion logically & clearly linked *Addresses the health issue & who is impacted *Identifies importance of health issue & consequences of not addressing it *Influence of social determinants *Information well supported

*Presence of intro, body & conclusion but links not clear *Missing one (1) element or parts of several elements *Responds appropriately to assignment *Good choice of supporting articles but not clearly incorporated

*Ideas are presented randomly with transitions not clear or not logical *Adequate but weak argument *Missing two (2) or more elements *Support for information not easily discerned

*No clear argument or central idea *Missing more than two (2) elements *Organization is lacking, ideas bounce around *Lacking or uses few transitions of thought * No evidence of using instructor’s feedback

Persuasiveness 15 points

*Logical explanation of appropriate interventions *Clear connection between social determinants, health issue & interventions *Clear & strong argument for stated position & interventions

*Explains interventions but appropriateness not clearly stated *Discusses social determinants but link to issue & interventions not completely clear *Provides moderately strong argument for position

*Reader has to work to understand author’s position *Minimal support provided for position *Argument for interventions is weak

*Position not clear *Cannot identify who the audience is *Unable to understand how ideas are linked *Little, if any, supporting literature used

MUGS 8 points

*Writing demonstrates clarity, transitions between ideas easy to follow *Meets all length and formatting requirements * No spelling or grammatical errors

*Writing is concise; transition of some ideas difficult to follow *No more than one (1) error in length or formatting *No more than two (2) spelling or grammatical errors

*Writing wanders; difficult to follow most ideas *More than two (2) errors in length or formatting *No more than three (3) spelling or grammatical errors

*Writing is muddled, ideas are not presented in any discernible order. * Multiple errors in length or formatting *Four (4) or more spelling or grammatical errors

APA/References 7 points

*No more than two (2) errors *Uses at least five (5) current professional sources. * All websites used are authoritative

*No more than four (4) errors *Uses at least four (4) current professional sources *Includes some questionable websites

*No more than six (6) errors *Uses fewer than four (4) sources. *Heavy reliance on blogs & organizational websites

*Eight (8) or more errors *Uses fewer than three (3) sources *Almost exclusive reliance on blogs & organizational websites *References are outdated

Interpretation of Final Points Accomplished: 45.00 – 41.00 points Proficient: 40.00 – 36.00 points Needs Work: 35.00 – 32.00 points

Unacceptable: Less than 32 points