How is usage measured?


Please be aware that this will be a protocol of my research. I will give you a brief explanation the I will provide you my colleague work that I will do the same thing. I am going to implementing the intervention then looking in depth may be then interviewing the GPs (general practitioners) or patients who come to or did not come the office (doing it in structured manner). please have a look to these work down as I am going to select 2 practices to work with. I am providing my colleagues’ work just to give you an Idea about what can been done.

Hypnotic Audit & Review 2014/15 X Surgery


Practice prescribing of hypnotics & benzodiazepines is measured and compared at a local (prescribing performance) and a national (QIPP indicator) level.


Why Audit?


* Continuing concern over long term use (1)


* Taking a benzodiazepine and/or hypnotic was associated with double the risk of death from any cause compared with no prescription for these drugs. Dose-response associations were found and there were approximately 4 excess deaths linked to these drugs per 100 people followed for an average of 7.6 years after their first prescription. (2)


* Driving whilst under the influence of drugs is a significant cause of injuries and deaths on the road. (3)


* Patients are not always given appropriate information and advice on the risks associated with long term use (4):


* Tolerance & addiction


* Drowsiness, clumsiness, forgetfulness, confusion, impaired judgement


* Falls & fractures – in people older than 60 years, these drugs are associated with an increased risk of falling of between 50-70% in relative terms. (5)


* Association with increased risk of dementia and increased cancer incidence in those prescribed high doses (6)


How is usage measured? Hypnotic ADQ per STAR PU – This is a measure of the to