August 24, 2022
Nursing Licensing and Professional Organizations
August 24, 2022


Be ready to thoroughly answer each of the following, with plenty of details and facts. Be SPECIFIC in your answers. Remember, this is a proctored test: you can have no cell phones, notes, textbooks, or internet site besides Canvas to aid you in completing this test. It’s all you and your brain! Remember to TAKE YOUR TIME. You have 30 whole minutes for each question!

1. (refer to Chapter 4) Compare the following religions. You’ll need to study all of your notes for them, making sure you know how many gods are worshipped, names of gods, central idea (philosophy) of the religion, what kind of afterlife that religion believes in, and how one attains some continued existence after death.




2. (refer to Chapter 5) Discuss class inequalities in the following early civilizations. For each, know who comprises the upper class and who the lower. Be sure to know which occupations are venerated (raised high, looked up to) and which are reviled (looked down upon). Explain why these occupations are either valued or lack value. You’ll need to think for yourself a little on this one.



Roman Empire

3. (refer to Chapter 6) Describe the Meroe and Axum civilizations: where were they, what were their principle trade goods, what religion did each have, and why did each of them ultimately fail?

4. (refer to Chapter 6) Describe the Bantu- who they were, why they were able to be more successful than other hunter/gatherers. Understand the Bantu migration and how that changed Africa as a whole.