Domestic Violence Women


The rule intent of this study is to supply inside informations on the current domestic force state of affairs for Women’s Aid. The study besides aims to set forward recommendations for bettering the response to domestic force.


For this study no personal research has been undertaken, alternatively the study takes the signifier of a reappraisal of bing literature on the issue. This information has been obtained chiefly from the Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Office and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Domestic Violence and Public Health Essay Paper

3.0 Consequences of enquires

3.1 What is domestic force?

The definition of domestic force which is used for the intents of this study is: ‘Any incident of endangering behavior, Violence or maltreatment ( psychological, physical, sexual, fiscal or emotional ) by one household member against another or grownups who are or have been intimate spouses, irrespective of gender and whether a offense has occurred or non, will be recorded as domestic.’

Domestic force and maltreatment is a serious job. It has a annihilating impact on victims and their households. Each twelvemonth in Northern Ireland around 5 people are killed and over 700 households have to be re-housed as a consequence of force in the place. On norm, every hebdomad, the constabulary attend over 400 domestic incidents and trade with over

100 domestic assaults on adult females and work forces, yet we know that most domestic-related incidents are non reported. The maltreatment affects people right across our society from all walks of life, from all cultural, societal and cultural backgrounds and across all age groups. The huge bulk of victims are adult females, but a important figure of work forces are besides affected and maltreatment besides occurs in same-sex relationships. Violence in the place is peculiarly upseting for kids and local research shows that at least 11,000 kids here are populating with domestic force on a day-to-day footing. Domestic Violence and Public Health Essay Paper

3.2 Common misconceptions sing domestic force

Domestic force is a offense. It is detestable and frequently concealed. Within our society, traditionally, the issue has been a tabu topic, non discussed openly and dismissed by many as a private affair, with small or no accent on bar.

Some myths exist about the causes of domestic force and maltreatment. These myths include loss of control by, or aggravation of, the culprits. Many people besides believe that intoxicant is the chief cause. There are clear links between intoxicant abuse and domestic force, in that the job may be exacerbated and the force more terrible when there is intoxicant involved, but intoxicant is non the cause. In world domestic force and maltreatment is normally a form of relentless behavior by the culprit designed to accomplish power and control over the victim.

3.3 How prevalent is domestic force in Northern Ireland?

Datas from the PSNI’s statistical reappraisal1demo the followers:

  • Between 2004/05 and 2005/06 the figure of domestic incidents increased by 2,100 ( +10.0 % ) .
  • There were 10,768 domestic offenses recorded in 2005/06, an addition of 11.5 % ( +1,112 ) on 2004/05 when breach of non-molestation order offenses are included for both old ages.
  • During 2005/06 two tierces of all offenses with domestic motive fell within the class of violent offense ( offenses against the individual, sexual offenses and robbery ) . There were 7,206 such offenses, stand foring 66.9 % of the entire. Of the staying offenses, condemnable harm accounted for 15.3 % and breach of non-molestation orders represented 13.1 % of the sum. Domestic Violence and Public Health Essay Paper