Discuss Characteristics of Research Methodology

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April 9, 2022
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April 9, 2022

Discuss Characteristics of Research Methodology

Discuss Characteristics of Research Methodology

SOCI 331 Characteristics of Research Methodology

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Forum Question:

This Forum includes several steps:

Develop three research questions on a topic for which you
are most interest.

Access the “Types of Research Design” site.

Select the appropriate research design for your research questions.

In your own words, explain the purpose of the design, what
these type of studies tell you and what they don’t tell you and.

Finally, explain why this design is appropriate for the
respective research questions.

A research question is a…






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SOCI 331 Characteristics of Research Methodology
SOCI 331 Characteristics of Research Methodology

Research is the process of systematic collection and analysis of data to derive useful information and develop a better understanding. It aims at the creation of new facts and figures using the current stock of knowledge. Research process revises or increase the current stock of knowledge by developing creative facts and generates new methodologies, concepts and proper understanding.

These new invention done through research process enhances the problem-solving ability. Every research project consists of a research question which clearly determines the focus for the investigation to be done. Research question is termed as the core of the overall research process. It denotes the interest area for individuals or a group which needs investigation to be done. A research process begins with a research question clearly defining goals and aims of this investigation. This process follows a systematic plan and accordingly proceeds in its operations.

It is practice of inquiring to describe, predict and control the observed phenomenon. Research process consists of two methods namely Inductive and Deductive. Inductive research methods are the one which analyse the observed event in an research. Whereas, Deductive methods are one which verify that observed event. Research has made it easy to face and tackle the various challenges arising today in various fields like medical, defence, academics, science etc. Characteristics of defence are described as given below: