Discovery Medical Journal Part 1

Assignment: Literature Review: The Use Of Clinical Systems To Improve Outcomes And Efficiencies
August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

Discovery Medical Journal Part 1

Dr. Justin Case receives the Journal of the American Medical Association throughout the course of the year (which stack up on his desk!). While you have encouraged him to modify his subscription from paper to electronic format, he has continued to prefer reviewing journal articles through paper format. He has asked you to explore three additional journals and to provide him with a short summary about “what” is located in each journal.


  • Explore the following medical Journal websites:
    • The New England Journal of Medicine
    • The Lancet
    • The BMJ
  • Create a Word document that provides a brief summary about each journal.
  • Provide the URL for each journal in your document.
  • Reminder: Proofread your document!

An accurate assignment earns 20 points.

The document includes a synopsis for each of the three journals. 15

The document includes the URL for each of the journals. 3

The document has been proofread: grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are accurate. 2