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April 27, 2021
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April 27, 2021

Dermatology quiz

Dermatology quiz


A microscopic examination of the sample taken from a skin lesion indicates hyphae. What type of infection might this indicate?

A child with a sandpaper-textured rash probably has:

A 40-year-old female patient presents to the clinic with multiple, painful reddened nodules on the anterior surface of both legs. She is …. These are probably … with her history of:

A patient is … with tinea pedis. A microscopic examination of the sample taken from the infected area would likely demonstrate:

When can a child with chickenpox return to daycare?

A patient with a primary case of scabies was probably …:

The nurse practitioner examines a patient who has had poison ivy for 3 days. She asks if she can spread it to her family members. The nurse practitioner replies:

Which chronic skin disorder primarily affects hairy areas of the body?

A patient with diabetes has right anterior shin edema, erythema, warmth, and tenderness to touch. This developed over the past 3 days. There is no visible pus. What is the most likely … to consider?

The agent commonly used to treat patients with scabies is permethrin. How often should it … applied to eradicate scabies? Dermatology quiz.

Impetigo is characterized by:

A 60-year-old patient is noted to have rounding of the distal phalanx of the fingers. What might have caused this?

A patient has suspected scarlet fever. He likely has a sandpaper rash and:

A patient with a positive history of a tick bite about 2 weeks ago and erythema migrans has a positive ELISA for Borrelia burgdorferi. The Western blot is positive. How should he … managed?

A patient will … taking oral terbinafine for fingernail fungus. The NP knows that:

A skin lesion that is a solid mass is … as a:

The nurse practitioner is examining a 3-month-old infant who has normal development. She has identified an alopecic area at the occiput. What should … done? Dermatology quiz.

The most common form of skin cancer is:

The nurse practitioner identifies satellite lesions in a 6-month-old infant. These are:

A patient who is at high risk for skin cancer should:

An example of a premalignant lesion that develops on sun-damaged skin is:

Which of the following areas of the body has the greatest percutaneous absorption?

The main difference between cellulitis and erysipelas is the:

Most cases of atopic dermatitis exacerbation are treated with

A 6-year-old patient with sore throat has coryza, hoarseness, and diarrhea. What is the likely etiology?

A pregnant mother in her first trimester has a 5-year-old who has Fifth Disease. What implication does this have for the mother?

A 74-year-old woman is … with shingles. The NP is deciding how to best manage her care. What should … prescribed?

An adolescent has acne. The nurse practitioner prescribed a benzoyl peroxide product for him. What important teaching point should … given to this adolescent regarding the benzoyl peroxide?

A 70-year-old is … with multiple cherry angiomas. The nurse practitioner knows that:

A patient has seborrheic dermatitis. Which vehicle would … most appropriate to use in the hairline area to treat this?

A patient with eczema asks for a recommendation for a skin preparation to help with xerosis. What should the NP respond?

A topical treatment for basal cell carcinoma is:

The most common place for basal cell carcinoma to … found is the:

An infant is … with diaper dermatitis. Satellite lesions are visible. This should … treated with a:

A 3-year-old female had a fever of 102° F for the last 3 days. Today she woke up from a nap and is afebrile. She has a maculopapular rash. Which statement is true? Dermatology quiz.

A 71-year-old female presents with a vesicular rash that burns and itches. Shingles is …. An oral antiviral:

A skin disorder has a hallmark finding of silvery scales. What word below describes this common condition?

A child has 8-10 medium brown café au lait spots > 1 cm in diameter. The differential diagnosis should include:

A low-potency topical hydrocortisone cream would … most appropriate in a patient who has been … with: