Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment

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April 5, 2022
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Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment

Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment

Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment

The student is to choose an incident that occurred during the clinical day. The issue can be focused on the patient’s pathophysiology, education needs, psychosocial needs, socioeconomic conditions, or cultural/religious concerns. It can be an incident like a code blue, a procedure such as a dressing change, an interaction (positive or negative) with a family or staff membe

1. Paragraph 1: Describe the scenario/pathophysiology. I followed a charge nurse who had 4 patients on the pulmonary unit as well as she had to make the schedule for the afternoon shift. She was juggling not only her patients but she was the go to person for the unit. We had one patient who suffered from Marfans syndrome which is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. He also only had one lung on the right side. They surgically removed the left lung, however he did not want to discuss it at the time of why his left lung was surgically removed because he was complaining of pain that he stated was a 7 on the pain scale of 1 to 10. The nurse offered him Tylenol however he said that does not help his pain. So we contacted the doctor and he Okayed to give the patient morphine along with two Tylenol. One hour later I followed the nurse back into the patient’s rom to see how his pain was doing and to get another pain score and he was still at a 7. We did let him know he was unable to get anymore pain medication unless his doctor approved (which he did not).

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2. Paragraph 2: What is the issue?

3. Paragraph 3: What does the evidence-based literature show?

4. Paragraph 4: How does the evidence-based literature relate to my position?

5. This assignment is not a “diary” of events. Rather, the goal is to move away from superficial examination of interactions. Students will find the following questions helpful in framing their reflection.

Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment


What was I trying to achieve? Keep pt comfterable

What were the consequences of this for: the patient, others, self

How was this person (or persons) feeling?

How did I know that?

How did I feel in this situation?

What would be the consequence of alternative actions for the patient, others, and myself?

How do I feel now about the experience?

Can I support myself and others better as a consequence?

Has this changed my way of knowing

From Johns, C. (1995). Framing learning through reflection with Carper’s fundamental ways of knowing in nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 22 (2), 226-34. Critical Incident Analysis Model Assignment