Development of client profile and appraisal of single client demands

Identify degree of aid required by the client

Keeping a safe environment

Promote client engagement in societal events and therapies

Mobility including falls and force per unit area country attention

Effective verbal and written communicating with client and health care squad

Assist clients with activities of day-to-day life

Promote the rights of the client to self-respect, privateness, independency, positive self-image


As portion of our fetac degree 5 major award in healthcare support we are required to finish an assignment on caring for a baffled patient. The patient I will be speaking about is called Johnny, he is 69 old ages of age and suffers with craze. Johnny’s mobility is really good he merely has a small hitch, the chief concern with Johnny is his memory loss. Johnny has 3 kids and 1 grand-child. Johnny has been placed in a nursing place as his household no longer hold the clip required to care for him to the degree he requires. Johnny antecedently worked as a nurseryman and enjoys been out-of-doorss and proactive. Although at dark clip Johnny struggles to acquire to kip and becomes agitated. The methodological analysis that will be used for this assignment includes usage of the library and cyberspace which will be independently researched. Class work and experience from the work topographic point will besides be used throughout. Referencing will be taking topographic point throughout and a bibliography will be located at the terminal of the assignment. The patients name has been changed in order to protect their privateness. Care of a Confused Client Essay Paper

Development of client profile and appraisal of single client demands

Craze is a cognitive damage upset, intending that it will impact the person and how they think, retrieve and ground. There are three types of craze, underactive, overactive and assorted. Johnny has the assorted type which affects legion things, i.e. they become agitated, acts sleepy or withdrawn. Over two tierces of all craze patients are either underactive or assorted. It is besides possible for hallucinations and psychotic beliefs to happen.

Symptoms may include: