Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT

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April 27, 2022
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Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT

Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT

Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT
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Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT

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See the copy of requirements. I will *”copy and paste” as posted by my professor. and I will also *attach “details of my preceptor & the facility where I am doing my clinicals experience”.

NUR 4020 – Clinical Project Requirements:
The project work is intended to align with initiatives that the preceptor and organization are currently addressing. The project that you choose should relate to your setting and add value to the population served or the ongoing/improved functioning of the organization. Discuss project options with your preceptor for appropriateness to the setting, and then communicate with your instructor for input and agreement.

Some examples of projects for this course are:

development of a lesson plan for teaching students
creation of a staff development teaching presentation
development of a patient teaching plan
presentation of a performance improvement project
participation in a nursing informatics project
Many other projects will be appropriate, so please discuss your ideas with course faculty.

Remember, the project should serve a purpose for the clinical setting and have a product (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation) that can be shared with classmates. The project will need to be submitted to the discussion board by the first Wednesday of module six. The project will also be submitted to the Instructor for a grade.

Clinical Project Presentation – Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

My project topic is “Teaching Strategies to Improve Treatment Compliance in Mental Health Outpatient.”

Clinical practice is the area I choose for this class. I am doing my clinical posting at Family Service League in Huntington NY. I am experiencing this leadership role with a preceptor who is one of the Nurse Practitioner in the mental health department of Family Service League.

Assignment: Compliance in Mental Health PPT

Family Service League (FSL) is a Long Island non-profit human service organization providing a safety net for people in need. Established in 1926, FSL provides both physical and emotional aid to Long Island’s most vulnerable citizens, giving them hope, and an opportunity to address their problems and better their lives. FSL operates more than 60 programs at 21+ locations throughout Suffolk County; giving seniors companionship and purpose, providing hope and protection for the homeless, allays the fears and desperation of young adults consumed by addiction or mental illness, and offer nourishment and shelter to the working poor facing insurmountable financial burdens, most importantly, striving to keep vulnerable families strong and supported by enabling fragile families to take advantage of multiple, integrated services in a more efficient and cohesive way. As a Psych Nurse that has worked few years in an inpatient long-term psychiatric hospital, I have seen many patients come back to be readmitted few days after been well managed and discharge due to noncompliance with their outpatient medication/treatment. Doing a clinical in an outpatient gives the opportunity to develop a strategy that will help outpatient to improve compliance to medication & treatment, thereby reduces readmission. I have been working with my preceptor for two month now and one of the issue I notice is many patient are missing appointment and still not ready to be compliant with treatment.

I really don’t know what to write for this PowerPoint but here are some of my taught: –


*Reason for noncompliance

Patient – lack of knowledge

-lack of ability

-lack of effective skills

-Lack of motivation

-resistance to let go of unhealthy lifestyles (like; smoking/drug use, dietary pattern, physical activities).

Care Giver -mistrust

-Attitude of care giver

-relationship/interaction (like; given bad comment, cultural/religious differences).

-lack of caring skills.

*Signs of NonCompliance

-Client tend to forget information

-Unwilling to participate in discussion

-Changing appoint/showing up late/missing appointment.


-Identify patient in need of treatment

-observation & assessment of patient

-developed treatment plan for patient

-Compliment patient, give patient control of some part of treatment

-educate all staff/caregiver.

-continue monitoring

You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes.

Use a standard 10 to 12 point (10 to 12 characters per inch) typeface. Smaller or compressed type and papers with small margins or single-spacing are hard to read. It is better to let your essay run over the recommended number of pages than to try to compress it into fewer pages.

Likewise, large type, large margins, large indentations, triple-spacing, increased leading (space between lines), increased kerning (space between letters), and any other such attempts at “padding” to increase the length of a paper are unacceptable, wasteful of trees, and will not fool your professor.

The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page. When submitting hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.