Who proofreads your coursework assignments?

Who proofreads your coursework assignments?

Many learners respond to this question by saying, “I do.” They have been educated on how to write a rough draft of an essay or term paper and then to proofread it for any grammatical, mechanical and structural errors. In fact, nowadays many of the students rely on spell and grammar check programs to “fix” all of their problems as they produce everything from a research paper to a book review, to a more challenging and complex works like a thesis, case study, research summary and dissertation. Unfortunately, grammar and spell checks are not right, and they can’t fix problems with organization and coherence. Only a human eye will do for these and that eye must be of someone who has exceptional English composition skill.

Who Needs a Professional Proofreader?

The answer is almost everyone. Consider these situations:

  • A student on an athletic scholarship knows that his/her English composition skills will never meet the expectations of university lecturers. He/she may spend hours planning a paper or an assigned article critique but will obviously require assistance.
  • An English-as-a-second-language student must prepare a lab statement, create a movie review, write an article, or make an annotated bibliography. Such a student even the grammar checkers will not give adequately help.
  • A mathematics major in undergraduate school do not like his needed English course, is not a proficient writer, and have to organize book information, a reaction paper, or a research job. He sets forth his good effort although he knows it will still be mediocre at best.


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