What leadership strategies are effective for working with a team?

Analyze leadership and management principles that guide supervision of nursing care.
November 25, 2021
Identify opportunities for waste reduction.
November 25, 2021

What leadership strategies are effective for working with a team?

What leadership strategies are effective for working with a team?

Assignment: Baseline Management and Staffing

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What leadership strategies are effective for working with a team?
What are the developmental strategies for creating a high-performing team?
What would you like technology help you do to make managing projects more efficient or easier?
What are examples of project management applications that are used by leaders and managers in a health care setting?
What are the strengths and weaknesses, based on product reviews of project management software?
What would you suggest an individual or an organization could do to improve skills and implementation of project management software in a health care setting?
Develop a 2–3-page baseline management and staffing plan that reflects the workplace organizational design of your project. Include a competed RAM as an appendix to your plan.

Develop a baseline management and staffing plan that reflects the workplace organizational design and leadership strategies for your project. Use either phases or project work (phases are used in complex projects).

Create a RAM using the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) Template, linked in the Required Resources.

Determine the team roles and responsibilities needed on the project.
Describe the criteria you would use to determine an appropriate fit for each role.
Determine who is responsible for each aspect of the project.
Develop a 2–3-page base line management plan that describes the rationale behind your RAM.

Analyze the strategies for team leadership and team development.
Explain how the strategies promote successful project execution.
Provide credible support for your analyses.
Submit your baseline management plan to this assessment. Add the RAM as an appendix to your plan.


Staffing Plans
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Team Leadership Strategies
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Team Development Strategies
Review the following:

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Assignment: Baseline Management and Staffing

Assignment: Baseline Management and Staffing

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