Week 4 Article Submission: Qualitative

severe injuries which requires interventional therapies provided in the ICU for severe AKI and musculoskeletal trauma.
September 6, 2022
Patho WK2 Assign 1
September 6, 2022

Week 4 Article Submission: Qualitative

Week 4 Article Submission: Qualitative

In this assignment, you will search the literature in WCU databases for  ONE  qualitative article that was published within 5 years of today’s date and is related to your PICOT question.

Ensure that you are using the approved  PICOT assignment topic list . Read the first few sentences of the methods section of your articles to assess what type of article you have. If your article is  not approved by faculty on Wednesday of Week 5, you have  until Friday of Week 5 to reload a new article to this assignment for approval. Work with the librarian or your instructor as needed.  Important: Articles must be approved before beginning the appraisal assignment. All article uploads take place this week.

Please upload the full article in Word or PDF format. Avoid submitting links or citations. Your instructor must be able to read the entire article.

If a reload article is needed for the week 4 assignment, the original grade does not change. The purpose of the article reload is to ensure you have an approved article to use in week 6 appraisals.


WCU Library Resources:

· Research FAQs

· APA Guide and Template

· Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research Guide

· A to Z Database List  (for this assignment, the CINAHL+, ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health, and Academic Search Complete are recommended.)


Week 4 Quantitative or Qualitative Article Rubric

Week 4 Quantitative or Qualitative Article Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQualitative or Quantitative Article Submission
25 pts

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

• Article loaded is correct design type per instructions • Article is based off topic list from week 2 • Article is within 5 years • Full text of article is submitted • Article is loaded in word or pdf

18 pts

Mostly Meets Expectations

1 criterion missing

12 pts

Somewhat Meets Expectations

2 criteria missing

6 pts

Below Expectations

3 or more criteria missing


25 pts
Total Points: 25