Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

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April 21, 2021
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Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

As an advanced healthcare facility, the Temple University Hospital (TUH) has been deploying the latest innovative technology to encourage a reciprocal conversation between patients and nurses. Besides, the managers of the facility have been striving to maintain quality rates high to ensure the best potential outcomes in the target setting. At present, TUH could benefit to a certain extent from the technology that would enable its physicians to address the concerns associated with lung nodules more accurately.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

TUH has recently undergone significant changes that are bound to affect the quality of its services. According to a recent report, TUH has recently taken part in the clinical trial that involved the application of groundbreaking lung nodule biopsy tools (Temple University, 2017). Known as the Archimedes System technology, the specified device would facilitate a faster identification and more effective management of lung nodules in patients (Temple University, 2017).

Therefore, the technology linked to diagnosing health issues and assessing the causes thereof deserves to be deemed as an important addition to the current set of tools used at TUH. The adoption of the specified devices would make the identification and management of health threats more effective, leading to fewer instances of negative patient outcomes.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay


By including technology into the setting of TUH, one will build a system of care quality that will exceed the current one extensively and provide chances for further improvement of nurses’ skills and patient education. The inclusion of IT and ICT into the target setting will enable nurses and physicians to monitor patients’ states, address negative changes, and communicate with each other and with patients more productively (Ong et al., 2016).

The resulting change will affect the TUH environment on a large scale, causing staff members and managers to revisit their approach toward quality management and accept a new healthcare philosophy aimed at meeting the needs of a vast range of customers.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

 The inclusion of technological advances into the TUH environment will also cause a vastly positive change in the selected set as far as the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation and the management of confrontations in the workplace is concerned. It is critical to foster the principles of knowledge sharing within the environment of a healthcare facility and promote collaboration as a critical element of the successful performance of the hospital staff.

The integration of cross-disciplinary strategies into nursing will allow managing the information more carefully and prevent undesirable scenarios from occurring in the context of the specified nursing environment (Schiffman et al., 2019). For instance, the situations that involve the mismanagement of patients’ needs, including medical errors, failure to deliver the required services, and similar situations, can be prevented with the help of the specified technological tools.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay

The problem of patient safety is a particularly difficult topic to address when considering the setting of TUH due to the lack of nursing staff mentioned above and a wide range of issues to manage. Therefore, applying IT and IT tools for monitoring purposes is likely to open new opportunities for quality improvement and the increase in their security rates. However, the described change will also require a significant financial investment due to the need for the assistance of technicians and the necessity to instruct nurses to manage the identified devices.

Nonetheless, the specified device will have a vastly positive influence on the health status of inpatients, As a recent study explains, “If the patient is in imminent danger of falling, a Stat Alert Alarm, which is built into the system, is sounded by the VMT to notify staff to respond immediately” (Cournan, Fusco‐Gessick, & Wright, 2016, p. 112). Therefore, the selected devices for monitoring and health check should be integrated into the functioning of TUH.

Patients’ safety levels will also rise systematically once the principles of IT-based information management are incorporated into the specified setting. While TUH should be credited for the care and caution with which it approaches the management of patients’ personal information, the cases of information leakage remain possible (Mehraeen, Ayatollahi, & Ahmadi, 2016). Therefore, using the latest technological advances to create additional hindrances for information mismanagement should be seen as particularly crucial.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay


There are several impediments to the introduction of the proposed tools into the setting of TUH that need to be considered carefully. The problem of reluctance among staff members is the most likely one to happen. Since the introduction of IT and ICT tools will imply acquiring the skills associated with managing complex IT technology, nurses may resist the described change. The problem of low motivation rates among nurses and the unwillingness that they are likely to display can be handled by creating training courses and a series of rewards for passing each stage successfully. Thus, one will enable nurses to develop the required competencies.Using Technology in Healthcare Setting Essay