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August 6, 2022
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August 6, 2022

Technology Needs


Conduct an educational technology needs assessment for your current workplace setting or another health care setting you are familiar with and interested in. Document the results of your needs assessment in a 3 page report.

· Describe how nurses are currently using educational technology within the setting and educational context you have chosen for this assessment.

. What information is lacking that would provide you with a more complete or accurate description of current usage?

. Is your description based on any particular assumptions?

· Compare the current state of educational technology use with the desired state (best practices in nursing education).

. Choose any analysis methodology that you are familiar with and comfortable using. For example:

. Gap analysis.

. SWOT or TOWS analysis.

. Appreciative inquiry (discover and dream steps).

· Address the following:

. What, if any, changes are needed in how nurses currently use the existing technology?

. Is there a need for a new technology solution?

. On what do you base your conclusions?

· Assess the metrics used to determine the benefits of current educational technology use.

· Are the metrics sufficient for the intended purpose?

· What are the best practices that could help improve the quality, interpretation, and use of the data?

· Explain how new or existing educational technology aligns with the strategic mission of the organization.

· If needed, locate a public statement of the organization’s mission.

· Recommend changes to existing educational technology, or current use of the technology, that will improve nursing education.

· How will your recommendations result in improvements in nursing education?

· What evidence do you have to support your conclusions and recommendations?

Supporting Evidence
Cite at least three credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your needs assessment.