Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

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April 22, 2021
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Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

Research, care, and resource availability for sexual minorities

The presentation of therapy needs that sexual minorities have has helped to prioritize specific issues relevant to treatment sessions with these populations. The care I will provide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals will address such issues as the lack of their inclusion into society, discrimination, fear of coming out, and human rights deprivation. These difficulties lead to significant mental health disorders including substance use and suicidal behavior (Mental Health America, 2018). I will develop a system of interventions aimed at the recognition of the causes and teaching of skills to deal with them.

This specialty population is associated with such cultural issues as the unmet needs of racial or ethnic minorities for psychiatric treatment. LGBTQ individuals of color might experience more mental health problems due to a higher level of stress they encounter in comparison to the white population (Jeong, Veldhuis, Aranda, & Hughes, 2016). This population shows a low rate of reporting a problem and seeking clinical help.Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

Many organizations provide multiple services for sexual minorities in my community. They include medical associations for LGBT, counseling and therapy centers, and special alcoholic anonymous groups for gays and lesbians (Sheets, 2016). The gap that I have detected concerns a lack of services specifically for transgender and questioning individuals. To address this gap, it is necessary to initiate research aimed at the detection of specific needs of these groups and develop appropriate services accordingly.

To bring my care about this population to the highest level, I need to collect and analyze the data concerning the most typical causes of mental health issues experienced by LGBTQ. Also, I would like to know the statistics of psychiatric disorders that occur in this population. The practice experience of therapists who have achieved positive results in sexual minorities treatment would also improve the quality of my practice.Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

Research improving care for sexual minorities
Research relevance

The relevance of this research to sexual minorities might be explained by a high level of mental health issues development in this population. Now that the legal sphere provides more opportunities for LGBTQ to be recognized as full-fledged society members, it is relevant to introduce new approaches to the prevention and treatment of mental health disorders among sexual minorities (Russell & Fish, 2016).

 However, the prevalence of disorders does not reflect the presumed improvement in the societal acceptance of these populations. The research states that 1 out of 5 LGBTQ individuals does not share his or her sexual orientation or gender preference with a health care specialist (Mental Health America, 2018). The fear of being disclosed and the hazardous attitudes toward sexual minority representatives from society cause harm to these people’s safety and mental health.Sexual Minorities in Healthcare Study and Practice Essay

The research in the field of therapy for LGBTQ is developing but still lacks some unified implications on how to resolve the issues effectively. The difficulty concerns the social character of problems sexual minorities encounter daily, including discrimination, prejudiced and judgmental attitudes, victimization, and isolation that lead to multiple mental health disorders, substance abuse, and suicide (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2018).