PRAC 6541: FNP Clinical Procedures Self-Assessment Form

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August 17, 2022
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August 17, 2022

PRAC 6541: FNP Clinical Procedures Self-Assessment Form

PRAC 6541: FNP Clinical Procedures Self-Assessment Form


Confident (Can complete independently)

Mostly confident (Can complete with supervision)

Beginning (Have performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident)

New (Have never performed or does not apply)

Cerumen Impaction Removal (irrigation and curette)

Fluorescein Staining

Corneal Foreign Body Removal

Wood’s Light Examination

Epistaxis management/nasal packing

Remove Foreign Body (ear, eye, nose, soft tissue, other)

EKG Lead Placement and Interpretation

Peak flow meter Measurements

Pulmonary Function Tests

Burn Treatment/dressing


Shave Biopsy

Punch Biopsy


– Simple Interrupted Sutures and Suture Removal

Staple Placement

Skin Adhesive Placement

Toenail Avulsion

Incision and Drainage

Subungual Hematoma Evacuation

Skin Tag Removal

Wart destruction/removal

Wound Care

Wound Debridement

Steri Strip Application

Tick Removal

KOH skin slide for fungus

Hemorrhoid, excision of thrombus

Local/Field Block for Anesthesia

Digital Block for Anesthesia

Trigger Point Injection

Joint Injection


Basic microscopy (yeast, BV)

Contraceptive Placement (Long term)

IUD Placement and Removal

Summary of strengths:

Opportunities for growth:

Now, write three to four (3–4) possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources.

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