Policy Issues That Surround Public and Private Healthcare

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August 26, 2022
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August 26, 2022

Policy Issues That Surround Public and Private Healthcare

Policy Issues of Public Healthcare

The state health policy is aimed at creating conditions for the health system that allows for health education of the population, prevention of diseases, provision of medical care to citizens, the conduct of scientific research in the field of health, and training of medical and pharmaceutical workers, maintain and develop the material and technical base of the health system. The main policy issues of public healthcare are: support for measures to preserve and promote public health; Respect for human and civil rights in the field of public health protection and the provision of state guarantees related to these rights; Ensuring guarantees for the provision of medical care to citizens that meet the established standards of quality of medical care; Priorities for financing the health care system; Participation of the population in addressing issues of health preservation and promotion, as well as health management; Development of international cooperation in the field of health. Currently, state medical institutions are trying to comply with these policy issues.

Policy Issues of Private Healthcare

Previously, people visited mainly public health facilities, but in recent years, the number of private multidisciplinary medical centers has increased significantly, which indicates that people are making a choice in their favor. People often choose private clinics because their policies address important issues such as high-quality service, a comprehensive approach to treatment, professionalism of doctors, high quality of services provided, the security.

Managed Medical Care

Managed health care is a system of health care delivery organized to manage cost, use, and quality. People are granted benefits based on contracts with government agencies and managed care organizations, which are paid monthly at a fixed cost.

Managed care gives people with higher needs access to all their services through a single body. It also allows the Government to improve monitoring of the quality of medical care. An increase in the salaries of the doctors will encourage them to perform their work quickly and efficiently.

Local Policy Regulations

In order to submit a letter with a proposal for a new law to local governments, you must perform the following actions: there is an idea for the introduction of a nursing home, this idea is correctly formulated in the proposal and sent to the City Hall. This proposal is amended by civil servants and is presented at a public hearing. Then a vote is taken, if the voting results are positive, the document is signed by the mayor and becomes law.

Federal Policy Regulations

A bill at the Federal level can be initiated by any member of the House of Congress – the House of Representatives or the Senate. Before the draft gets to the President, it must be discussed in both chambers. A bill initiated by a member of the House of Representatives is submitted to the entire House for consideration, there is a debate, and then a vote. The same actions occur when the draft is submitted to the relevant committee of the Senate. Both chambers make their proposals for correcting the document and, if they agree on the final version of the document, send it to the President. If the chambers do not agree, the document is sent to the conciliation committee (which consists of members of both chambers). After the adoption of all edits and agreements, the document is sent to the President. The President can sign the document and then the law is published and enters into force or vetoes the document. Congress can override the president’s veto by a 2/3 vote in both houses.