Nursing: Population, Public and Community Health

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Nursing: Population, Public and Community Health

Population Health and Community/Public Health Nursing

Population health nursing is a relatively new term that is usually used to cover the field of nursing that deals with health outcomes, determinants, policies, and interventions. Nurses have to promote the health of populations but not only the individuals within populations (Clark, 2014). About community/public health nursing where the needs of individuals and groups of people are considered to make diagnoses based on these needs, population health nursing depends on numerous social, economic, and political factors, as well as population behaviors, needs, and already offered health practices.

Development of Population Health throughout History

Population health focuses on the promotion of health outcomes for people to improve their health and support the idea of a safe environment within the frames of which it is possible to identify health determinants, policies, and interventions. The USA continues developing its attention to this concept. Still, each step is a new contribution to the development of population health ideas. The best example is the policy known as Healthy People 2020 where social determinants of health are mentioned in addition to the goals that should be met to improve the health of the population.

Role of Nurses in the Future of Population Health

The promotion of population health supports the idea of nursing importance. With time, nursing becomes one of the largest health professions. Therefore, it is necessary to improve nursing education and training and focus on the conditions under which nurses’ adaptation occurs. Nurses have to learn how to improve their roles in population health and support other medical staff in promoting the best healthcare services.

Role of Healthy People 2020 in Population Health

Healthy People 2020 is a well-known health promotion and disease prevention initiative (About Healthy People, 2017). It aims at identifying priorities, eliminating disparities, and increasing public awareness of health determinants and opportunities.

Duties at the Mount Sinai Medical Center

Choice of a Hospital Setting

Mount Sinai Medical Center was founded in the middle of the 20th century as the place where healthcare services could be available to all people regardless of their race, age, nation, or income level and where healthcare workers could practice medicine without any fears of being judged or misunderstood. This hospital setting is one of the best places where it is possible to observe how historical, political, cultural, and economic contexts could be mixed and define the quality of health care offered to people.

Personal Observations about the Experience

The first week at Mount Sinai Medical Center was not easy, but it was interesting. I found myself in a kind of anthill where several people were constantly moving, doing something, communicating, and making decisions. At first, I was afraid that my knowledge was not enough. Still, in several hours, my supervisor and a team of professional nurses showed that everything was not as bad and complicated as I used to think. The only rule that has to be remembered is that everyone has their own goals and tasks in the setting. It is necessary to rely on personal feelings and knowledge to provide people with care and support.

Challenges and Barriers

The main challenge was not to disappoint the supervisor and demonstrate the best of myself. I was so absorbed with the idea of doing something that completely forgot about the importance of communication. Instead of talking and asking questions, I tried to observe and do something. It took one day to overcome that challenge and start communicating with the team.

Personal Experience and Course Objectives

The experience in the center shows that it is necessary to explain common health problems to help people and be ready to compare and contrast several elements of care to make the right decision. This necessity reminds me of the goals of the course a lot.


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