Nurses’ Attitudes, Intrinsic Qualities, and Skills

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Review
August 20, 2022
August 20, 2022

Nurses’ Attitudes, Intrinsic Qualities, and Skills


I believe that one of the most important attitudes is flexibility. It allows finding the most suitable approach to each person, which is the basis of high-quality care and trusting relationships. The second one is optimism since positive perception of one’s life makes people happier and has proven benefits for their health (Jiang, Yue, Lu, Yu, & Zhu, 2016). The third one is fairness. It indicates that you respect people with whom you have to deal and trust their judgment.

Intrinsic Qualities

The top quality I value is motivation due to the fact that it allows people do wonders with their inborn capabilities and talents. It is never too late to start anything if one feels inner motivation to cope with the task. Number two is intelligence. An intelligent person never shows disrespect to other people, and his/her judgment seems more reliable. Finally, number three is loyalty as it can be called the basic principle of all human relationships.

Acquired Skills

The major acquired skill for me is practical knowledge. Even if you possess a substantial theoretical background, your knowledge is inapplicable without empirical implementation. That is why practice is needed to filter the unnecessary and acquire the crucial. The second skill is being a good communicator as throughout our life we have to cooperate with people, which necessitates effective communication. The third place goes to decisiveness. Too many people give up their dreams for the lack of it.


I am convinced that being interested in quality is the key personal feature, especially for those who devote their life to medicine. The second important one is being receptive to people and ideas. Being open means enriching your background and helping others at the same time. The third quality is being a team player as we live in a society and, therefore, should learn how to reach compromises and cooperate.


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