1. Please review the information found at the Agree Trust Website about the “overview tutorial” “and tutorial and practice” for evaluation guidelines prior to completion of the assignment. Link to website: http://www.agreetrust.org/resource-centre/agree-ii-training-tools/ (Links to an external site.)

2. Locate a practice current guideline from a database or professional organization that is of interest to you. See pages 236-237 of Melnyk book for suggested databases.

3. Please follow the rubric below to discuss your evaluation of the guideline.

4. Evaluate/grade the guidelines using the AGREE II tool. See website above.

5. Evidence is used to support development of guidelines. Evaluate the strength, grade, and level of evidence for research studies as well as expert opinions

6. It is important to know all the criteria listed below before one can determine whether or not to incorporate the recommendations into practice.

7. Paper length 6-8 pages excluding title page and references.

For this assignment you are to search for a practice guideline, NOT A SUMMARY, which is being used. Be sure you choose a guideline….not an article about a guideline or a summary of a guideline, but the actual guideline. Once you have found the guideline you are to evaluate/grade the guidelines regarding the strength of the research as well as expert opinion processes used to develop the guidelines. Grade the literature the guideline was based. One question to be answered is how often do the researchers review the guideline? It is important to know all the criteria listed below before one can determine whether or not to incorporate the recommendations. Although not required, it would be beneficial to locate and evaluate a practice guideline that aligns with the topic you have selected (or are considering) for your PICOT question and DNP project.

Exemplar: ATTACHED

I am providing an exemplar for you to view. This paper is not perfect, nor did it earn 100%. However, the paper is excellent. This exemplar is shared just for you to ‘see’ what your paper might ‘look’ like. Please note that you must write your paper according to APA…this is a format as well as a method for citing and referencing.