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May 25, 2021
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Medication Management Essay

Medication Management Essay

Always the goal of treatment by using drugs is to giving the patient the best therapeutic benefit and improve the patient’s life as well as to cut the possibility exposing the patient to some of the dangers resulting from the use of some drugs and commit errors that associated to treatment with drugs may occur from all the medical team members from doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians and others without exception, regardless of their level of scientific, whether they are the owners of long experience or limited and often medication errors occur without being detected or without being reported and documented or hide or cover them up.
We can be defined the medication errors as (any event caused by medication error or give the wrong way may result in harm to the patient or not taking place so that the damage could be avoided if it was given the right medicine for the patient in the right way). Of the most common errors made by pharmacists is trying to explain the instructions unclear more than an attempt clarification from the doctor. Medication Management Essay Paper

And sometimes pharmacist’s colleagues asking them, you should ask your doctor so as not to mistake again.
There are some Types of medication errors that we should know it. Errors in the prescription: This error occur when the wrong drug is for writing (prescription), the prescription maybe unclear terms of error , or the medication or dosage, or with a table or repeat doses. Errors in copying the recipe: This error occurs during the copy command in the pharmaceutical drug administration record Medication Administration Record MAR. The error is find in the back or on the patient’s name or by medication or use a table or repeat doses. Errors in the distribution and dispensing medicine: This error occurs from the beginning of the pharmacy where the medication preparation, it was wrong to send the drug to the wrong patient, or sends medication error occurs, or in the wrong dose or sent by use, or in the table of repeat doses happens. Errors in administering medication: This error occur during the process of giving the medicine to the patient, the error is when you give medicine to another patient, or given the wrong medicine, or the wrong dose, or through the use of, or schedule a repeat doses, or may forget to give the medicine already happening. In addition to the obvious problem in the writing of the prescription is a clear line of responsibility for the complete write your doctor and. Medication Management Essay Paper

Pharmacist must be achieved to complete the prescription with instructions.
To protect children from occur medication errors at home:
• Tell the doctor about any medication intake your child at home and includes all types of vitamins and herbs.
• Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you breastfeed breastfeeding as some medications transmitted to the child through breast milk and may cause damage to the child.
• Tell your doctor or pharmacist about any allergy medicines for the child type to prevent giving the child any medication may cause damage to him.

• Knowledge of the current weight of the child as the drug dose is calculated according to the weight of the child.
• Do not give your child any medication or any alternative treatment from a doctor is not aware of, to prevent any error in the quality or dose of any medication or drug reactions may cause harm to the child. Medication Management Essay Paper

• Make sure when you receive treatment from a pharmacy dedicated to your child to prevent receiving treatment for another child by mistake.
• Ask your pharmacy for some information related to treatment, such as:
◦ The medicine’s name .
◦ The reasons of medication use.
◦ Add times taking this medicine and duration.
◦ what is a side effect of this drug.
◦ The method of drug store.
• Ask your pharmacist for written information on how to use and duration of treatment without clarity.
• If the exchange different treatment from the previous user of the treatment is to tell you by your doctor, ask your pharmacist to make sure that an error occurs.
• Do not use the normal dose to measure liquid medicine kitchen spoons and use the measuring spoons attached own medicine. Medication Management Essay Paper

In sum up, mismanagement is considered in the use of the drug a major cause of harm to the patient’s medication errors.
There are a realistic understanding of the frequency and the results of medication errors, and there is also a realistic understanding necessary to make use of medications safer steps. Pharmacists contribute through their service and their attention is very important and effective part in the reduction of adverse incidents to the drug, and their understanding of the mechanism of error and how to avoid them, it happens to occur, the vital role in ensuring the safety of their patients. Must at all pharmacists working in the field of health care work for a common goal of improving the service provided to patients and the control and limitation of the study of the root causes of medication errors to access and thus correct the wrong practices and develop approaches to reduce them and prevent their occurrence in the future. Medication Management Essay Paper