Medical Ethics of Amputation Case Study

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April 7, 2021
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Medical Ethics of Amputation Case Study

Medical Ethics of Amputation Case Study

What is the ethical issue?

The ethical issue discussed in this article is that of amputation. This is an ethical issue because it affects many individuals who have served in Afghanistan and other troubled regions. The important question is how to “treat and help every person whose legs or arms have been amputated” (Gibson, 2014, p. 24).Medical Ethics of Amputation Case Study

The other question is whether these amputees should provide their services to the community or the military. The article presents some of the best ideas for dealing with the challenges associated with amputation (Gibson, 2014). The society should always encourage and support these amputees. The government should also support these heroes in order to achieve their goals in life. The society should take this ethical issue seriously in order to help more people realize their dreams and goals.

What I felt after reading the article

This article explains why every person should be ready to overcome his or her challenges in life. The article encourages me to assist every disabled person in the society. The amputees in the article have remained strong despite the challenges affecting them. This courage and dedication explain why they are ready to achieve their goals. They have changed their attitudes in order to accept their situations. These amputees have decided to stay strong. They have also continued to support their family members (Bayne & Levy, 2005).

This article encourages me to work hard and assist every disabled person. The article has helped me understand why disability is not an impossibility. Every person can change his or her attitude in order to succeed in life. The article also explains why the government should always be ready to assist these amputees. I will use these stories in order to take my life positively. I will use the practice to overcome every challenge or obstacle in my life.Medical Ethics of Amputation Case Study