Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay

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April 22, 2021
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April 22, 2021

Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay

Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay

The Role of Conflict in Change Management

Conflict comprises wide-ranging emotional reactions to incompatible or divergent views or needs. It results from misunderstandings or a difference of opinion, professional values, or beliefs, which, if not managed well, degenerate into a dreadlock or inaction. Conflict in nursing roles originates from intra-group disputes and physician disruptions (Higazee, 2015).

Although conflict is considered in a negative light, it can signal a problem in the current operations to necessitate change. Through constructive conflict management, the diversity of viewpoints on clinical matters can be evaluated based on their merits and subsequently integrated into more innovative decisions. Further, a conflict management program generates positive feedback from opposing groups that could be used to formulate effective corrective actions.Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay

The Role of Negotiation in Change Management

Negotiating change in organizations is a process fraught with uncertainty and distress. It requires effective negotiation skills to persuade or win the approval of the key stakeholders, who, in the practicum project, include STEMI patients and their families, ER physician, paramedics, and ER. Negotiation helps build rapport with staff and establish personal credibility and relationships that lay the foundation for bringing in the desired change to an institution.

It also enables change leaders to determine the needs of the staff and organizational forces that could promote or impede the planned change. The institutional variables may include people factors, internal politics, and unit policies. In principle, negotiation is one way a leader can gain stakeholder support and buy-in for the suggested changes.Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay

The Role of a Leader/Manager in Conflict and Negotiation

In hospitals, nurse leaders/managers have a role of establishing and communicating guidelines for acceptable workplace ethics (Wright, Mohr & Sinclair, 2014). As departmental leaders, they have to employ effective strategies to manage conflict to maintain morale and improve efficiency. In conflict situations, a nursing manager plays a mediator role in resolving the dispute to keep the department functional.

 The managerial role in a conflict entails creating a constructive environment for both parties, listening to the divergent positions, seeking solutions from the stakeholders, and developing an agreeable compromise or solution to the conflict. According to Kaitelidou et al. (2012), managers can use avoidance, accommodation, dominance, compromise, or collaboration as a strategy to manage conflicts. In contrast, the managerial role in negotiation centers on seeking agreements with stakeholders, initiating corrective action, and acting as a broker/mediator in negotiations.Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay
The Role of Power in Conflict, Negotiation, and Communication

Power is the influence people have over others. It is the legitimate, charismatic, expert, coercive, reward, or connection power a person acquires by personal characteristics or position. In a conflict, a varying amount of power is applied to manage the dispute. Conflict resolution may involve avoidance, negotiation, arbitration, or coercive force.

For example, authoritative mediators, e.g., executives, often use coercive power to enforce agreements. In negotiation, supervisors can exercise legitimate power to support their legitimacy as negotiators to arrive at a settlement. Legitimate power could be gained through position/rank or by dispelling misconceptions related to fairness. Charismatic power inspires positive emotions and enthusiasm in the subjects.Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts Essay