Importance of Being Earnest .

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Importance of Being Earnest .

Importance of Being Earnest .

Read the statement from a paper on The Importance of Being Earnest .

The Importance of Being Earnest contains the features of a comedy of manners.

Which excerpt from the play best supports the statement?

Merriman. Mr. Ernest Worthing has just driven over from the station.

Algernon. It is much pleasanter being here with you.

Miss Prism. No married man is ever attractive except to his wife.

Chasuble. Mr. Worthing, I offer you my sincere condolence.

Read the passage from The Importance of Being Earnest .

Lady Bracknell. . . . [Turns to Jack.] Apprised, sir, of my daughter’s sudden flight by her trusty maid, whose confidence I purchased by means of a small coin, I followed her at once by a luggage train. Her unhappy father is, I am glad to say, under the impression that she is attending a more than usually lengthy lecture by the University Extension Scheme on the Influence of a permanent income on Thought. I do not propose to undeceive him. Indeed I have never undeceived him on any question. I would consider it wrong. But of course, you will clearly understand that all communication between yourself and my daughter must cease immediately from this moment.

How does Wilde poke fun at Victorian society in the passage? Check all that apply.

Lady Bracknell says her maid is trustworthy but has to bribe her to get help.

The names of the college and class seem reasonable to Gwendolen’s father.

Gwendolen’s father appears to be an unhappy man.

Lady Bracknell says it is wrong to be honest with her husband.

Lady Bracknell does not approve of Gwendolen dating Jack.

Miss Prism. . . . The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.

How does the epigram affect this scene?

How does the epigram affect this scene?

It suggests the serious idea that tidy endings are uncommon in real life.

It explains the humorous idea that bad endings are usually happy.

It introduces the pessimistic idea that happy endings only happen in stories.

It reveals the optimistic idea that most endings are a good thing.

Read the beginning of The Importance of Being Earnest .

Title: The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde