How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay

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How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay

How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay

Goal: How to gain weight eating healthy food? I want to improve my physical wellness by gaining weight while staying healthy. Behavior Strategy: I. Gather data on what type of food is fattening, but in a healthy way.

II. Get help from a nutritionist to make sure I eat healthy foods, but that will also make me gain weight. III. Make a schedule / meal plan to make sure I get more than enough calories on a daily basis. IV. I make a goal for myself to gain ten pounds in six months. Journal Articles Article 1: “What to Eat to Gain weight-The healthy Way” How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

In Glamour magazine, I found this article “What to Eat to Gain Weight—The Healthy Way”. This article shows how a person can improve her life style eating healthier, but still gaining weight. One of Glamour’s fashion interns, Ashley, tried a new diet with the help of Rachel Beller, a nutritionist. Rachel looked at her daily choices of food, and made a schedule for Rachel to improve her diet to eat healthier, but still intake enough calories to gain weight. Ashley will change all her daily habits, and adopt a whole new diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Rachel Beller said that Ashley has the right approach in order to gain weight, because she eats three meals and two snacks a day, which is exactly what to do in order to gain weight, she says. Besides, Rachel says that Ashley eats the right amount of calories, but her food choices are too high in simple carbohydrates and unhealthy saturated fats. The nutritionist advises to focus instead in foods with high fiber cereals for breakfast, and high calorie, nutrient-dense meals for lunch and dinner. She also insists in eating whole grain carbs, which have the same amount of calories than regular carbs, however with more fibers. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Also, Rachel points out that most people thing in volume when they want to gain weight. The key in gaining weight is choosing low-volume high-calorie snacks, such as granola, nuts, and pretzels, among others. This article I found extremely interesting because it completely applies to my health goal. I used to think gaining weight came along when you eat a lot of food. Reading this made me realize that the quality of food is more important than the quantity. This is the key to my problem. I found it very inconvenient to eat a lot of food all day every day, because I’m not a big eater. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Knowing that I can eat a normal amount of food and still can weight makes me think that I can finally reach my goal weight. Rachel Beller made a meal plan suggestion that I already started to apply in my daily habits. It is not constraining, and I really start to find a difference in my life. I don’t fell stressed anymore if I don’t eat a lot because I’m running around too much. I know that what I eat is high in calories protein, and fiber, which will help me maintain or gain weight. Plus, I can finally work out without worrying about losing weight if I don’t indulge in a good amount of food. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Article 2: “Healthy Foods to Help You Gain Weight” On the website About. com I found an article called “Healthy Foods to Help You Gain Weight”. This article breaks down the different types of food that are rich in calories. It is said that if you want to gain weight you have to add extra calories in your diet. However, instead of indulging in junk food, instead you should choose foods that are nutrient dense and energy dense. The article shows eight different foods that are fattening but high in good calories. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

It says, if you want to make good choices while gaining weight you need to focus in nutrient dense calories, which are: Bagels, Pasta, Dried Fruits, Healthy Oils, Avocados, Nuts and Seeds, Granola, and Fruit juice. Most of these foods are extremely healthy, while giving enough nutrients to your body on a daily basis. If you stick with a diet including high fibers, and nutrient, your body mass will increase over time. This article really opened my horizons in what type of food I should eat to reach my goal. I used to have no idea what kinds of foods were rich in calories but healthy. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Now I can apply what the article says into my diet. I used to eat a lot of things for breakfast but that were just high in energy without giving me any fat. Now I can eat a bagel with granola and fruit juice, and have a lot more calories for breakfast than I used to. This list of foods has made it so much easier for me to reach my goal without stressing over the amount that I eat and what I eat. Now I have a meal plan for my everyday meals, and it includes all these foods. I just stick with my plan and see how it goes. Right now, I already feel so much better, and I already see a difference in y body. I fill my clothes better than I used to, and to me it’s so motivating to keep up my efforts. Current event articles Article 1: “Using a weight gain diet to Increase Body Mass Quickly” According to the article, “Using a weight gain diet to Increase Body Mass Quickly” from the website weight gain diet; it is important to dissociate gaining weight and junk food. The author points out that usually most people think of gaining weight by indulging in sugar and fat. However, even for skinny people it isn’t the right choice to decide to eat about anything in order to gain weight. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Underweight people are still at risk if binging on fatty foods, meaning they can get diseases such as cholesterol. That is why it is important to know what to eat in order to gain healthy weight. The foods promoting weight gain are the one rich in protein. However, there are proteins healthier than others. For instance, fish proteins are healthier than red meat proteins. Also, fruits are good to include in a diet, along with vegetables. It is also important to stick with whole grains which are the healthiest. In addition, most people looking to gain weight avoid working out because they think they will burn the calories needed to gain weight.

However, according to the author, this is a myth. Exercising is very important for maintaining a healthy body, and even though someone is trying to gain weight it is important to include exercising in ones diet. In my case, I found this article extremely helpful for my objective. I would usually try to indulge in high protein foods such as beef, chicken and cheese without even knowing that there are unhealthier proteins than others. Also, I would eat regular dairy products without being aware that low fat dairy products weren’t just for losing weight diets. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Besides, vegetables can also be a good source of proteins. I thought all vegetables were good for their nutritious factors only, but not for gaining weight. It appears that beans and lentils are extremely good sources of proteins. Another false idea I had before reading this article was, working out isn’t good if you want to gain weight. A year ago, I started to go to the gym five days a week. I realized after few weeks of daily work out that I lost a good amount of weight, so I stopped working out. I wasn’t eating the right type of food, rich in good carbs and proteins.

According to the article, it is essential to exercise during a weight gaining diet, because it helps burn the fat that isn’t good for your body. Now that I know what types of food are nutrient dense, I will include a daily workout routine in my weight gaining diet. Article 2: “Healthy Eating & Diet-Healthy Ways to Gain Weight” Kathleen M. Zelman explains the different ways to gain weight while making good choices. She thinks being a little underweight isn’t a problem health wise; however, it can be an issue if a person doesn’t feel comfortable and would like to look a bit fuller. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Doctor Zelman insists on the fact that even skinny people should be cautious of their food choices, and wanting to gain weight “is not about bellying up to an all-you-can-eat buffet”. Gaining weight comes when you go for nutrient rich foods. High calories foods are essential, but nutrients are even more. It is important to stay away from sugar, fat and empty calories foods. However, fat is important to gain weight but not all fats are good for you. For instance, fat from nuts are healthier than fat from meat. Also, it is primordial to eat often, like six meals a day, which are three meals and two snacks.

Moreover, when exercising, it is imperative to indulge in more calories than usual. If you want to gain weight eating more calories than your body will burn is essential. Also, high protein foods are a good choice, because it helps your muscles recover faster. These foods are fish, lean meats, poultry, legumes, eggs, and whole grains, among others. If a person doesn’t eat enough because of a lack of appetite, eating foods that you like or spicing up bland food can help. This article was very informative. Now, I have all the keys to gain weight. I need to eat often, choose high nutrient foods, and exercise. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

I used to think three meals a day were enough. However, snacks are considered mini meals. Snacking isn’t only negative. If you make good choices snaking helps with the process of gaining weight. Also, I’m the type of person who won’t feel hungry at all time. According to Doctor Zelman, it is important to lean toward the foods that are in your liking, or using spices to add up some taste on foods that are bland. Very often I feel hungry but I don’t know what I want so I end up not eating. Now, I know what types of food are rich in nutrients, and that I like, so I can stick with these when I don’t feel very hungry.

Gaining weight is all about making a new routine for yourself, and knowing what is good for you. Objective Research Most people don’t realize that sometimes it can be much easier to lose weight than to gain weight. Most people that struggle with their weight would want to look healthier and fuller. It is not easy to gain weight and most people that want to lose weight don’t understand it. The majority of people that are overweight don’t understand people who want to gain weight, and think that they are just seeking attention. Yes, it is unhealthy to be overweight, yet, being underweight can be as unhealthy. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

According to Beth W. Orenstein from the article How to Gain Healthy weight, “Depending on how underweight you are, it could be just as unhealthy as being overweight”. People usually hear about the health risks of being overweight. However, nobody really hears about the health risks of being underweight. Most people have misconception on the way you are supposed to look, and are driven to lose weight because of the media. Every day, when watching TV, the stick thin figures of models, and other celebrities, are advertised all over. For most people, being thin is how everyone is supposed to look.

It became the norm of how society perceives how people should look. However, according to the article, what are the health risks of being underweight? Lillian Downey tells us that being underweight comes with severe health issues. It can cause infertility in women, osteoporosis, and decrease immune function. In the article Lillian says that “low body weight, intense, prolonged physical activity, low calorie and nutrient restricted diets often cause women to stop ovulating and menstruating”. This affects the functioning of the reproductive system. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Moreover, poor nutrient intake, and low body mass affect bones’ health. People that are underweight have more fragile bones. “Persons who are severely underweight may suffer from loss of muscle mass, which supports bones and joints, and helps prevent bone breaks, dislocations and fractures”. Lastly, the immune system is affect by low body mass. Low consumption of fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals weakens normal immune function, says Ms. Downey. Being underweight has other side effects. It can be dangerous to be underweight depending on how underweight you are.

According to the article Dangers of Underweight, the negative effects are: Prone to infection (comprised immune system), Low muscle mass, Hair loss, Irregular hormone regulation, Osteoporosis, Anemia, Pregnancy complications (or inability to get pregnant), Menstrual irregularities. People have misconceptions about skinny people. They think that everyone wants to be thin, so why someone would possibly want to gain weight. People need to realize that skinny isn’t the way to be. It can be very unhealthy, and bring serious health issues. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

They drive to diet because they want to be “normal”, which means get to the status of Hollywood, and what the media portrays about what it is to be beautiful. In America, people are really into the whole glamour scene of Hollywood celebrities. They look up to these celebrities and see them as their role model. This means being thin is the way to go, and is how people is supposed to look like. It is important for people to take care of their body, and be more health conscious. Being overweight or underweight can be equally as unhealthy. Eating right is more important than ever. The way you look is subjective to what you eat.

So instead of doing drastic changes to gain weight, it is important to eat well. Loading in junk food will bring you the calories that you are supposed to take per day; however, it won’t be good calories. Eating well and nutrient dense foods, will help you can weight in the wanted areas of your body. This will avoid building fat around the belt area. Summary and Conclusion This project successfully broadened my horizon in being food health conscious. All my life I dreamed about having a fuller figure. I wanted to fill my clothes with more curves. I rapidly understood how much of a struggle gaining weight can be. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Everyone around me always told me “why do you want to gain weight while everyone wants to lose weight? ” I never really could open up about my issue because no one could understand it. Today, I finally made the decision of changing my lifestyle to the better. All my researches talked about similar ways to gain weight. This includes mainly eating more often, eating nutrient dense foods, and exercising. Since January I have been following this gain weight diet, and surprisingly for the first time in my life it worked. In three month and a half I gained eight pounds. My goal was to gain ten pounds, but I’m really happy about the outcome.

I would have never thought I could gain this much in a little time. My daily routine was to eat three nice meals per day, and two snakes. For breakfast, I always eat a whole grain bagel with butter, oatmeal with raisins in it, and two eggs. For lunch and dinner I always eat at least one kind of vegetables with meat of fish, and carbs such as pasta, or rice. I also snack on nuts a lot. I always carry almonds, pistachios or cashew in my bag, if I don’t have much time. If I have time I make myself smoothies with at least three types of fruit with milk, and orange juice, and I also add two scoops of vanilla ice-cream. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper

Also, I make myself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or I eat Greek yogurts. Even if I’m not hungry I force myself to eat at least a yogurt for a snack or a banana. This project was extremely successful for me. I have a whole new health conscious routine that I will keep forever from now on. I’m today weighing 118 pounds, and would like to be 125 pounds. As soon as I will reach my ideal weight I will keep eating healthy but I won’t stress so much on eating fatty foods. Bibliography * Arrue, Karina. “What to Eat to Gain Weight-The Healthy Way. ” Glamour (2009). * Column, Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, WebMD Expert. Healthy Ways to Gain Weight. ” WebMD. WebMD. Web. 30 Apr. 2012. <http://www. webmd. com/diet/features/how-to-gain-weight>. * “Using Weight Gain Diet to Increase Body Mass Quickly. ” Weight Gain Diet. 2012. Web. * Jegtvig, Shereen. “Healthy Foods to Help You Gain Weight. ” About. com Nutrition. 12 Feb. 2012. Web. <http://nutrition. about. com/od/tryingtogainweight/tp/foodstogainweight. htm>. * Gidus, Tara. “Dangers of Underweight. ” Medical Information for Healthy Living. Web. 30 Apr. 2012. <http://www. healthline. com/health-blogs/diet-diva/dangers-underweight>. * Downey, Lillian. “What Are the Health Risks of Being. How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Food Essay Paper