Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

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April 22, 2021
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Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay


Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are common in many hospitals. Such infections tend to affect the health outcomes of different patients. In order to deal with these infections, healthcare practitioners should embrace various behaviors and practices (Iglehart, 2013). This essay uses the ideas gained from the “Partnering To Heal” video to outline the best practices towards preventing healthcare-associated infections. The first part focuses on the importance of behavioral and organizational changes towards promoting the level of performance. The paper goes further to explain why nurses and caregivers should establish teams that have the potential to deal with infections. The essay describes the unique roles of leaders towards promoting change and implementing disease-prevention measures. Evidence-based strategies are discussed because of their effectiveness in improving healthcare practice. The favorite character from the video is Dena Gray. The essay discusses how Gray uses powerful approaches to improve the level of communication.Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

Changes in Behavior and Organizational Culture

Healthcare-associated infections affect the lives of many patients in different parts of the world. Such infections are usually associated with re-hospitalizations and increased medical costs. Many underserved populations find it impossible to receive quality health support. The prevalence of health-care-associated infections (HAIs) can become a major challenge affecting different populations. That being the case, a change in behavior is something that can deliver positive results. The behavioral change will promote new practices such as hand-washing practices with soap (Lo et al., 2014). More people in different healthcare settings will embrace the practice in order to minimize infections and re-infections. Healthy behaviors such as proper hygiene will also minimize these infections. Healthcare workers should also focus on the best behaviors that can result in best practices. A change in behavior should be embraced by both patients and caregivers.Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

A change in the culture within a healthcare organization is another important approach towards preventing HAIs. A positive culture has the potential to support desirable attributes such as collaboration and teamwork. The health workers in the facility will invent new communication channels and solve every predicament affecting them. More clients will be empowered and equipped with various resources that can improve their health outcomes (Parsons & Cornett, 2011). A positive culture has been observed to promote the best leadership practices. New behaviors such as role-sharing will emerge thereby preventing various HAI infections.

Discussing for a Change to Work

The ideas obtained from the video can help many health workers to promote new changes. In the video, Janice Upshaw embraces various approaches to reduce infections. The video exercise shows conclusively that nurses and healthcare workers can establish new teams to prevent infections. This strategy will transform how different workers collaborate with one another in an attempt to desirable outcomes. Teamwork is a powerful concept whereby the members work together while at the same time focusing on the best goals (Lo et al., 2014). The workers support, mentor, guide, and empower one another. New behaviors and practices emerge thereby improving the major strategies aimed at preventing HAIs.Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

It is appropriate for physicians, caregivers, and NPs to come together. By so doing, these practitioners will identify the major weaknesses affecting the welfare of many patients. The teammates should monitor the performance of one another. Decisions should be made together depending on the needs of the targeted patients (Bhore, 2015). The teams can also implement new preventative measures to deal with new infections. They can also collaborate with their patients and various family members. The strategy will reinvent the working environment thereby addressing the challenges affecting different patients.Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay

 Role of Leaders

Health Leaders (HLs) have the potential to transform the outcomes of many clients. This is true because leaders are expected to guide their followers in different healthcare settings. The most important thing is for leaders to make zero-percent HAIs a personal goal (Bhore, 2015). By so doing, the leader will promote the best behaviors and initiatives that will minimize hospital-associated infections. The leader will also undertake various roles that will ensure the targeted followers are empowered. Leaders should always outline the best practices that can make a difference in their respective faculties. When the leader pioneers the most desirable practices, the followers will be willing to consider the best strategies that can improve the outcomes of more patients. Leaders should encourage their followers to embrace the use of vaccines and antibiotics (Bhore, 2015). They should also empower them to insert, maintain, and remove various devices properly (Lo et al., 2014). Some of these devices include ventilators and catheters.

The behavior and model implemented by the leader will dictate the performance of their followers. Leaders should promote the best approaches to prevent HAIs and encourage their followers to support them. They can promote new ideas and form teams to support the health needs of their patients.Healthcare-Associated Infection Countermeasures Essay