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May 24, 2021
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Health Promotion Essay

Health Promotion Essay 

Health promotion is the art and science for helping people develop of their preferences between optimal health and their major passions. What motivate people to achieve optimal health, and what supporting then in lifestyle changing to movie forward to the optimal health. I strongly believe that optimal health is emotional balance, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social health. Changing of lifestyle based on combination of increase motivation, learning experiences, build skills and creation of different opportunities that give us access to environment that provide positive health practice like the best choice.Health Promotion Essay Paper


Moreover, health promotion is amount of information for individuals, communities, and family education. Health promotion is promotion of healthy lifestyle and healthy ideas and help people to achieved their best status of health.

According to the definition of Health Promotion motivate people to take control over to improve their health. For health promotion we need to have support such as: create supportive environment for health and develop personal skills. Health promotion is the most important part of nursing care. Nurse plays important role in public health promoting. Focus for health promotion for nurses more point of disease prevention and changing lifestyle of individuals and their behavior. Moreover, that main purpose of health promotion in nursing is educate people and encourage them respect their health. Nursing role as health promoters is very complex, because of multi-disciplinary experience and knowledge of health promotion in nursing practice. Main idea of health promotion developed to improve community based practice according to the health policies. My idea is that healthcare professionals guide other people to the right health decisions.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Nurses make people re-evaluate their health ideas and moreover we help not just for individual, we help even families, organizations, and communities. Nurses proved models toward health promotion and appraise how effective is evidence-based practice for the future researches. How are nursing roles and responsibilities evolving in health promotion? Nursing of public health practice is focused on population and required a lot of different knowledge, skills and competencies. Nurse must have unique knowledge by focusing working in the community participation in health promotion and prevention. Nursing Role in primary care very important and can redesign of the primary nursing care system when patient is the center of the medical facility. All nursing field working for patient`s care such as: communication with the patients, visit patients at the home for their daily care.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Many resources used for public health nursing practice and centered on improving health of population by prevention methods. Moreover, nurses are advocates and planning for the patients by multi level view of health. We know what our patients needs because we are at bedside and in the community. We take care of patients every day and every hour because nursing is 24 hour care. Nurses improve the health outcome for everybody in the community by applying their clinical skills and experience in health care. Health promotion is focusing on removing bad influences on health to developing healthy environment and supporting individuals and communities to take control and charge of their own health.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Moreover, health promotion build on health education and help people prevent many illnesses and injuries by supporting right healthy behavior. Programs for health promotions include intervention such as lifestyle changing, smoking cessation and primary method of prevention. Unfortunately, people rarely change their behavior that’s why implementation methods must be started in community as a first step for global changes. Local health promotion will bring to the people right set of priorities which can support to promote health.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Health Promotion has three levels: primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention. The major one is to protect people from experiencing an injury and protect people from developing a disease. For example: education about quit smoking, the importance of exercise regularly, good nutrition , dangers of alcohol and other drugs. Regular screening tests to monitor risk for illness. Secondary prevention is intervention after disease or risk factor have already diagnosed. The goal is to catch disease in slow face or in earliest stage. As educators we have to tell people to take daily low dose of aspirin as a prevention of stroke or heart attack. We can recommend regular screening tests and exams in people who have risk factors for diseases. Tertiary prevention more about helping people take care of long-term health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and heart attack.Health Promotion Essay Paper

For example rehabilitation programs for stroke, support group chronic pain management programs for the patients. I am nurse in Rehabilitation Center and Long –term facility. I have seen every day how rehabilitation program help people to manage their new lifestyle and how to fight with their illnesses. Else in our facility we have support groups. People can discuss to each other about their health problems, their prognosis and future expectations. Moreover in that group people share with their own experiences and can provide right and helpful information for the patient who just was diagnosed and have a long way ahead to accept that new role in family and community. For a lot of health problems primary, secondary and tertiary interventions combination is necessary to achieve a right level of protection and prevention. For ideal world Primary prevention is the best but unfortunately in our modern busy world not all of us follow the best way.Health Promotion Essay Paper

The main role here play limit of knowledge about causes of some particular injury or diseases. Although, primary and secondary prevention are clear in areas as heart disease and cancer, may be not that much useful for musculoskeletal illness. In that case prefer to have primary prevention then secondary and tertiary. I am wound care nurse in long term facility and I believing that primary prevention for pressure ulcers is the best way to promote health for all patients. Bed sores are not a disease process and preventive method must be on the first place. Elderly population has higher risk factors to have bed sores because of age, fragile skin, complicated disease, chronic disease.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Prevention is the best way to keep such patients in a good level of health. Many resources now available to prevent pressure ulcers in the long-term facilities: Air mattresses, turning and reposition every two hours and as needed, incontinence care every two hours and as needed, skin barrier, Moreover, physical and occupation therapy intervention: schedule patients for out of bed daily, special cushion to prevent pressure ulcer from prolong sitting. All of that can promote health to geriatric population and make their lives longer and more comfortable.Health Promotion Essay Paper

Else, in wound care preventive measures less cost than treatment. Money that is saved on treatment can be good resources for future researches of wound care field. Wound Care still needs new researches to promote healing. The main reason of prevention in wound healing is sepsis which can lead to death of the patient. We have to take care about our patients and the best care is prevention method. By that we can save people lives and make them feel better and more comfortable in their diseases and injuries.Health Promotion Essay Paper