The Qualitative and Quantitative research
August 11, 2022
Describe the purpose of applying nursing theory to patient care.
August 11, 2022

Week 13 Theoretical

Assignment Instructions

In 450–500 words, address the following:

Learning From Experiences

1-Revisit the goals and objectives from your Practicum Experience Plan. Explain the degree to which you achieved each during the practicum experience.

2-Reflect on the 3 most challenging patients you encountered during the practicum experience. What was most challenging about each?

3- What did you learn from this experience?

4- What resources were available?

5- What evidence-based practice did you use for the patients?

6-What would you do differently?

7-How are you managing patient flow and volume?

8- How can you apply your growing skillset to be a social change agent within your community?

Clinical Goals and objectives

Goal # 1 Become confident in selecting appropriate evidence based clinical practice guidelines for medication plan by the end of this practicum.

Objective #1: Study the risk and benefit, patient preference, developmental considerations for medication groups associated with each modality.

Objective #2: Become familiar with the process of informed consent, symptom management.

Goal #2 Improve my professionalism skills in Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to improve clinical practice in mental health settings by the end of this practicum.

Objective#1: Review the scope of practice of the different healthcare professional involved in the care of the patient and know who to reach out to for each situation.

Objective #2: Learn different ways of communication to pass across patient’s data.

Goal#3 Become confident in the use of screening instruments in the care of most psychiatric disorders and psychotherapy by the end of this practicum.

Objective#1: Selecting and implementing appropriate screening instrument.

Objective #2: Interpreting results, and making recommendations and referrals

American Psychiatric Nurses Association. (2013). Population-focused nurse practitioner competencies.