Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

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May 24, 2021
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Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

Unfortunately bullying is becoming more and more common amongst children, workmates, elderly and people with disabilities. There are three different types of bullying these are verbal bullying, social bullying and physical bullying. Verbal bullying is when you write or say bad things on people for example teasing or threatening. Social bullying is when you hurt someone’s feelings for example embarrassing someone publicly and leaving someone behind but on purpose. The last one physical bullying is when you hurt someone’s body such as hitting and pushing.Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

So basically bullying is when someone use force, threat and intimidation on someone to dominate that person. An example of bullying is a careworker is using verbal bullying on a disabled person she keeps saying that he has no good to society, he’s waste of space etc. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay


Many people abuse others to maintain and gain power on other people so they can control them, often these people find the vulnerable so they will be afraid of them and will not report or talk to someone else. Abuse varies a lot some example of these are sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, verbal, emotional etc. Sexual abuse is when someone takes action and forces someone to do something sexually although they still don’t want to. Physical abuse is when you use physical force with the aim to hurt someone. Neglect is when your basic needs are not being given such as food, medicines, clean clothes and many more. The last one is emotional abuse this is a non-physical behavior words only are being used such as insulting and treats. For example a careworker who is catholic there is an elderly who is muslim who unfortunately he cannot speak so she neglected him she doesn’t give him clean clothes, sometimes she even doesn’t give the patient to eat etc because she knows he cannot saying anything. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay


Prejudice is unsupported which usually it is a negative attitude to other people this may include bad feeling, stereotyped beliefs and it can also lead to discrimination. Basically it is prejudgments which usually they are negative about members of a society. There are many types of prejudice some of them are racism, sexism, classicism, nationalism, homophobia, agism and religious. So in a few words prejudice is when you form an opinion on someone before becoming aware of the important fact of the person based on their race, sexism, age, disability, religion and many more. An example of prejudice there is a patient in this home which he is a disabled person, he’s family doesn’t come visiting him and he doesn’t have many clothes so the careworker doesn’t value him like the others because he’s less than them because he looks poor. P3: Describe at least FOUR potential effects of discriminatory practices mentioned in Task 1 on the service users residing in this care home. When someone is being discriminated this will probably lead to many problems such as the person can be marginalization, having low self-esteem, disempowerment, restricted opportunities and many more. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay


Marginalization is a process of a person or sometimes even whole communities that can be denied access to various rights, resources and opportunities that normally are given to other people. Someone who is being marginalized, is being excluded from participating and belonging. Social exclusion often is based on an individual education status, social class, living standards, race, homelessness and even child hood relationships. This discrimination can occur with anyone such as people with disability, drug users, young people, adults, elderly. For example in this home we have two particular individuals who uses a wheelchair, once in a month a bingo is organized unfortunately the door to this hall is to thin and a wheelchair cannot pass, so these people cannot go. The careworkers knows that they can organized it in other rooms where a wheelchair can pass but they won’t because there is more light in this room. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay


Disempowerment is when a person or even sometimes a whole group is being discriminated against by other persons so this will lead for a person to feel disempowered. Some people that will be discriminated will have the courage to fight back and many times they will success at the other hand there will be individuals who will not fight against discrimination. So in a few words disempowerment is to make someone feel lower than you, everyone can be disempowered from young children to elderly so you need to fight it. As a result of disempowerment negatives emotions might occur such as becoming more depressed, self-obsessed, withdrawn, excluded, helpless, outsider, low self-worth and many more. An example of disempowerment is when an elderly is being told that she is not useful to society anymore by her carer this is making the patient feel useless, excluded and many more so the patient is being disempowerment. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

Low self-esteem:

Low self-esteem is someone’s overall emotional and how they value themselves, it is an evaluation for her or his own worth. Self-esteem is a judgement on yourself in this case low self-esteem is when someone feels that s/he is not worth nothing they feel useless to society. Unfortunately a person could never had low self-esteem but s/he is being bullied from someone else’s and s/he starts feeling useless if it is not treated immediately this can lead to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can leads to problem in relationships, bad choices on work and in life, low self-esteem doesn’t let you to choose the right decisions you need to make. For example in this house there is a particular elderly who before he entered this house he didn’t have low self-esteem now he is being bullied by his carer he slaps him if he doesn’t want to eat any more resulting to this he now have low self-esteem that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it.Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

Negative behavior:

Negative behavior can happen to anyone it can be naturally the way how you respond to things is negative but others can occur negative behavior on previous experiences such as bullying. Many times when a person is being discriminated s/he becomes frustrated because of the unfair treatment that is been given to the individual. In health and social care we have to recognize a person and even respect everyone choices and identities. For a person who is being discriminated, to reduce the feeling of powerlessness many times this grief is expressed in aggression or sometimes even criminality. An example in our home a particular patient a disabled person as he arrived he was calm and happy unfortunately now he is so angry he keeps pushing things, yelling and saying bad things to people. After some time we saw from where this was coming a particular care worker used to bully him saying bad things about him, stealing his things and slapping him. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

M1: Assess the effects on those using the service of three different discriminatory practices in health and social care. First case is about prejudice about two older gay people, although last July the law became same sex can marry there are still people who cannot understand this. In this case these two gay people had gone through so much some of them were they faced themselves with carers praying for them because they were gay even some careres didn’t want to wash them or feed or care them because of their sexuality. At the end these two people felt disgraceful they didn’t know what else they’ve should done so someone will understand them so at the end they went to a new home separately so they won’t be more prejudiced. In this case the victim who are being discriminated are two old gay men, they were discriminated by their carers. The main base that they were being discriminated was because of their sexuality. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

Prejudice is when someone form an opinion about someone but before even knowing the relevant facts of the patient many times these are judged on age, disability, sexuality, race, language and more. The effect of this discrimination made the two people who were being prejudiced awful they felt that they were doing something wrong they didn’t know what else they can do, so these old gay man decided they cannot be more prejudiced for both their safety and health they decided to separate ways and try living a normal life as society want them to be. The second case is about neglect a hospital who received suspended sentence when receiving suspended sentence for neglecting and abusing of patients. These patients most of them pensioners were left starving or in agony because nurses claim they are too busy to help. Some of examples of neglect to the patients were nurses taking minutes to respond the emergency buzzer, patients who were told by the nurse to soil his clothes because s/he was too busy to take the patient. A patient left without pillows or blankets, a patient that dropped hot soup on herself and left there without any help and many more. At the end the hospital had to pay a big fine and these nurses and carers were fired. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

In this case the victim are the patients in the hospital, they were neglected and abused by some of the nurses and carers. They were mostly discriminated on their age and race, neglect is a form of abuse where there is someone supposed to be responsible for the individual because s/he cannot take care of himself but this is not performed. For example the patient as indicated in the case no clean clothes were given, left starving etc so basically neglect is when a person’s basic needs are not given. The discriminatory practice that was on these patients was neglect and abuse the effect that was left on the patients they were scared to talk, they weren’t happy at the end although these staff were fired still the patients couldn’t feel safe in that hospital anymore. The last case who is still going on is about bullying, this case happened in Saint Catherine hospital a hospital which treat vulnerable adults with disabilities such as autism, dementia, learning difficulties and many more.Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

These adults were bullied by three health workers they punched, slapped, threatened and even sometimes they used to drag the patient by their hair and thrown into a ball pool. Most of the patients cannot speak and other staff members were too scared to report this abuse. They used to lock someone in a cupboard and stopped the patient from getting out by putting another patient with a wheelchair against the cupboard also they used to throw pillows to a patient that had learning difficulties. After a staff member had the courage to report, the case is now being processed.Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay

In this case the victims are disabled patients with most of them with learning difficulties in a hospital where they were supposed to be given treatment. They were bullied by three staff these were care assistants Ms.S.Murphy, Ms.J.Burge and a physiotherapist Mr.M.Barnard. They were mostly discriminated about their disability and they knew that they couldn’t talk. The type of discriminatory in this case is bullying is when someone threat, use force or abuse others to feel more dominate. The effects of bullying on these patients made them feel more and more powerless and that they cannot let anyone near them because they are going to hurt them. I would like to see justice with these people and get what they deserve.Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Essay