Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary

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September 6, 2021
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September 9, 2021

Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary

Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary

Trigger Warning: Please be aware that some of these videos contain the use of hateful racial/ethnic slurs and vulgar racial/ethnic/gender stereotypes. Please let the instructor know if you are uncomfortable with this and an alternative assignment will be found for you.

Please answer the following questions after you watch the video on “Gangs in South Africa” and “Intro to SOC: Deviance”

In chapter 6 we learn how deviance is functional. Read the chapter, watch the videos below, and answer the questions. Please make sure to use specific examples from the videos for full credit. Use your textbook for definitions for deviance and for the functions and dysfunctions of deviance Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary Assignment.

1. What is Deviance? How do gangs represent deviant behavior?
2. Why do people join gangs?
3. What functions does deviance provide society? Additionally, what functions do gangs provide for its members? Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary Assignment
4. What dysfunctions does deviance present for society? Additionally, what dysfunctions do gangs cause for individual members and society at large?
In South Africa, what ways do people in the community or in other gangs identify (identity markers, other symbols, values, norms, rituals, language) gang members?
Based on the clip from the documentary “A Class Divided”

1. How is the exercise carried out in the classroom? What is its purpose? What examples of prejudice and discrimination did you see in the classroom experiment?
2. Based on this exercise, what were the negative outcomes for the students?

Based on the Growing Hate ( video:

Read through the chapter on Race and look over the sociological theories of Prejudice (9.3) and then watch the Growing Hate ( video. As you watch the video select examples of individuals or situations that fit within the Sociological Theories of Prejudice:

1. Scapegoat
2. Authoritarian Personality
3. Functionalism
4. Conflict theory
5. Symbolic interaction
Explain how your chosen example fits in with the theory you have placed it with. Multiple examples for each theory will be rewarded but at a minimum you should be able to find an example that fits each theory. Examples may be used more than once but they need to be explained as to how they relate to the particular theory you have chosen Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary Assignment.

Based on any of the topics above, find one article through SIRS Researcher or a graph/other info on Statista and summarize and analyze in no more than two paragraphs. Please include either APA or MLA citation of source material.

Please submit all answers within this assignment as an attachment or in the space provided. Please submit answers only. Deviance/Race and Ethnicity Documentary Assignment.