Describe the current nursing practice.

What information do you think should be provided to a surgical patient prior to a surgical procedure?
April 6, 2021
Summarize potential implications for nursing practice and for positive social change
April 6, 2021

Describe the current nursing practice.

Describe the current nursing practice.

Translational Research For Practice & Population

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Competency 7000.1.1: Evaluating Comprehensive Literature Reviews – The graduate evaluates comprehensive literature reviews for historical context, completeness, applicability, reliability, organization, and quality of information sources.
Competency 7000.1.7: Translation of Research in Evidence-Based Practice – The graduate interprets evidence and evaluates its applicability to nursing practice.

One of the key roles of the master’s-prepared nurse is to lead practice change across the full spectrum of healthcare settings. Master’s-prepared nurses must be able to translate the existing body of knowledge around a phenomenon of interest (accessible through published research studies) to inform decision making related to nursing practice.


A. Identify a current nursing practice within your healthcare setting that requires change.
Note: This may be your current work setting or a setting you wish to work in.
1. Describe the current nursing practice.

2. Discuss why the current nursing practice needs to be changed.

B. Identify the key stakeholders within your healthcare setting who are part of the current nursing practice.

1. Describe the role each identified key stakeholder will play to support the proposed practice change.
C. Evaluate five sources from scholarly peer-reviewed journals, published within the past five years, that relate to the change identified in part A.