Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

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April 8, 2021
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Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

Core competencies are key management tools that are applied in most business settings today. This refers to the unique abilities or capabilities that are established by organizations, with the aim of gaining a stronger competitive advantage in business.Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

These capabilities are crucial in creating and delivering value services to customers or clients in any chosen field. Effective core competencies are essential in all units of the health sector, just like in any other sector.

Medical and clinical professionals are required to pay attention to distinctive competencies given to them by their organizations, in order to be able to undertake their roles in ways depicting their compliance to the Codes of Conduct governing their work.

This paper observes core competencies in the health sector, where capabilities of a clinical and non-clinical role are compared and contrasted, to bring out the similarities and the differences in those fields. In this context, the core competencies of a Nurse Educator and those of a Nurse Educator are examined.

The core competencies of Clinical Educators and Clinical Practitioners would tend to be similar in some cases, since the two sectors share a common objective of advancing the goals of health care in the society (Institute of Medicine, 2003).

However, the roles in these two sectors vary greatly, and this clearly explains the slight differences that may be observed in the structure of their core competencies.Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

Clinical educators have the responsibility of giving clinical lessons to medical students, while Clinical practitioners are entrusted with the role of taking medical services to the society, where it is needed.

In this regard, the core competencies of both Clinical Educators and Practitioners are designed to fit their specialty fields.

One of the major competencies for clinical educators emphasizes the need to come up with approaches that would facilitate student understanding in various learning environments.

More importantly, it is also the responsibility of Clinical Educators to ease development and socialization among the learners, to ensure they fully benefit from the many theoretical and practical lessons given to them.

Clinical Educators are also required to engage in effective scholarship practices and constantly apply assessment strategies to rate the learners in diverse settings of health care (Kalb, 2008).

This goal can be achieved through a number of strategies, which the educators think are appropriate in bringing forth the most satisfying results on learners. Nurse educators are also required to participate effectively in the designing of curriculum and evaluation of programs in the health care sector.Core Competencies in Health Sector Essay

This gives the educators the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process, which is essential in shaping their knowledge and skills at work.