Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework.

Explain How might the theories of “Nature” and “Nurture” have contributed to your current personality?
March 9, 2022
Case study : Maria is a sedentary 68 years old woman who is overweight
March 9, 2022

Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework.

Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework.

Personal Theoretical Framework for Advanced Practice Nursing

Assignment Prompt

You have spent six weeks exploring theories of nursing. These represent the “how” of what we do as nurses. This week we enter a higher level of thought and explore the “why” of what we do. Present a personal nursing philosophy. Apply what you have read throughout the course and explore the literature on nursing philosophy. While Fawcett was not a nursing theorist, she is a nursing philosopher and her Metaparadigm of Nursing approaches philosophy over theory. Once you have discussed your philosophy, identify a theoretical framework (not the middle-range theories but the underlying assumptions in that framework) that fits your philosophy. Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework. Describe a possible situation in which the framework may conflict or not fit your philosophy. While it is an important skill to be able to match a theory with a situation, it is also critical to understand when a theory or framework does not fit a situation.

· about 5 pages NOT counting the title page and reference page. You do NOT need an abstract with this assignment

· Present a personal reflection paper about your personal nursing philosophy (often this philosophy aligns with your personal beliefs and values and where they were developed [family, friends, school, etc]). You can use first person in this paper

· you will need a reference page

· Once you have presented your nursing philosophy, discuss how it aligns with one of the nursing theories you have studied this term (or before)

· Then discuss how your chosen theory might not be the right fit in an identified clinical situation

· Lastly, have a closing paragraph that ties everything together

Since this is a personal paper, it is OK to use first person. REMEMBER – what is your nursing value system and where did you first learn about values


· Format: APA 7th edition

· Length: 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages

· APA format with intext citations

· References: at least 2 high-level scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA format.

· Plagiarism free.

· Turnitin receipt.