Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay

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April 21, 2021
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Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay

Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay

Women’s Health

The biophysical factors operating in this situation are the age of the patient and the possible inheritance of breast cancer. The psychological factors are her mental health records and susceptibility to depression. The sociocultural factors are the influence of the public opinion on her gender, social stress, and prejudice resulting from her way of life. The behavioral factors include both the past and the current sexual behavior patterns.

The health system factors are identifying and locating the establishments which have competence in dealing with reported issues (either cancer or depression) and are known to exhibit a readiness to provide their services to the lesbian and bisexual population.Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay

Before receiving the patient, a nurse should facilitate a friendly and comfortable environment, including the appropriate visual aids (posters and brochures showing the diverse same-sex couples and highlighting the topics relevant for LGBT). Through the course of the meeting, the nurse should use appropriate terminology and language, such as “relationship status” instead of “marital status” and “partner” instead of “husband.” The sensitive questions, such as hormonal use or sexual behavior details need to be justified, and their intent explained.

Two major concerns of Betty are the depression she is currently suffering from and the possibility of cancer. The latter is especially alarming as she is exhibiting a poor understanding of the matter. The fact that lesbians do not face the threat of cervical cancer is a common misconception that is still responsible for the low rates of early detection of cancer among the lesbian community (Davey, 2016).

Thus, the community health nurse needs to inform Betty on the matter and provide her with guidelines for further actions. The information needs to be presented as non-alarmingly as possible to avoid aggravating the current disturbing emotional and psychological condition of the patient.Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay

 Men’s Health

In the case when evidence exists of the correlation between different population groups and the HIV incidence rate, the problem should be addressed on two levels. First, the campaign of raising awareness must be initiated, including meetings and educational events. Also, HIV testing capabilities need to be provided to the population. Second, the setup suggests the high probability of stigmatization.

Thus, the stigma-reduction and prevention programs are advised, including the new policies that will protect the target population’s rights and ensure their privacy and non-discrimination. The education programs have also proven to yield successful results in reducing stigma, so their introduction would be desirable.

However, before making conclusions from the obtained data, additional information needs to be collected. First, other possible causes of disparities need to be checked. The differences in HIV rates often occur based on cultural background, which may only partially coincide with the ethnic profile of the population (Gari et al., 2013). In this case, the low disparity between different ethnic groups compared to the generally high rate among the gay men suggests the relatively minor influence of race and may lead to wrong conclusions.Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors Essay