The project- COVID-19 Pandemic.
July 26, 2022
An epidemiology and meta-analyses.
July 26, 2022

Bipolar 1

P.P is 39 female presenting for psychiatric evaluation for the first time. Patient reported feelings hopelessness and low mood. She states that “I feel like regardless of what I do I’m not going to make it “Patient current work and pay depend on commission, but she cannot always make ends meets. Patient stated symptoms began at start of covid 19 pandemic. She endorses insomnia and difficulty falling at asleep, visual hallucinations especially with lack of sleep, lack of energy and feeling exhausted in the morning. Also stated that she hates large crowds and social stimulation She also reports panic attack. Denies manic behavior, suicidal / homicidal ideation. Denies alcohol/tobacco/substance abuse use. Current medication includes Advil OTC. She stated tried melatonin before with no relief of symptoms. Patient lives with her boyfriend. Patient diagnosed today with bipolar 1 and MDD. Patient started on trazodone 50 mg QHS and Vistaril 25mg 1 cap once a day as needed. Will follow-up in 2 weeks.

Explain all three differential Diagnoses with five references

1. Bipolar 1

2. Major depressive disorder

3. Psychosis: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),