Assignment: Innovation and resource perspective

Case study : A patient is admitted to the unit. He is a diabetic on chronic hemodialysis.
June 2, 2022
Explain the stepwise approach to asthma treatment and management.
June 2, 2022

Assignment: Innovation and resource perspective

Assignment: Innovation and resource perspective

Assignment: Innovation and resource perspective

Based on the description of Coyote Community College and its environment, what specific types of measures should the college include in each of the following perspectives of the balanced scorecard? How would these measures be implemented?

Funder/financial perspective

Student/participant perspective

Internal process perspective

Innovation and resource perspective


This week’s discussion question is, “How would you respond to a manager who said, ‘Employees cannot be motivated with money’?” (Provide some alternative means to motivate employees by not using fiscal resources. Describe a variety of ways to improve employee performance utilizing feedback, rewards, and positive reinforcement.)

Response Parameters

The initial response to the discussion questions must be 250-350 words in length. You are expected to respond to at least two of your peers’ postings per discussion thread. I will ask follow-up questions or an extension of the dialogue. I expect you to provide a response to me; these follow-up questions from me do not count as your peer response requirement. Responses must be substantive to promote continued learning. These responses cannot be a simple one or two sentences or a “Good, bad, or I agree” posting; you must make a more in-depth reply. You should also make an effort to find a source to support your follow-up response. The intent is to post peer responses earlier in the week so that dialogue occurs and you maximize the learning.

Click on the image below to view the RISE Model. Your meaningful feedback should reflect all four categories: Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, and Elevate.


You must select (2-3) peer-reviewed journal articles ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) to read and analyze. The articles must cover a topic that relates to job satisfaction; consider theories, tools, and techniques to achieve motivation and enhance the work environment. You will take the main points, concepts, or themes from each of these articles and integrate them into one paper.

The review paper should be 3-4 pages in length, 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. The page count does not include the title page, tables, graphics, or reference pages. Do not submit an abstract. In addition, submit the final copy as a .doc or .pdf. The paper must be in APA format.

Additional Details

The paper is not a literature review and should not be a simple listing of each article. You must use articles from peer-reviewed journals; do not use trade magazines, books, newspapers, and similar. (If you are unfamiliar with what constitutes a peer-reviewed journal article, check within the FIT Evans Library for resources)

Articles cannot be any more than 5 years old. Your articles must contain current and relevant data

Articles must be found within the FIT Evans library databases; not a website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

The (2-3) articles must be sourced and cited within the paper

No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes

Your 3-4 page paper must be arranged as a single-read with paragraph transitions. Do not simply discuss each article and paste the discussions together as your paper

All sources must be cited in APA format within the reference page and in-text citations

Submit your paper to the course digital drop box. The paper will be submitted through to identify plagiarism issues

Some areas of focus for your article review (these are just suggestions):

Why did you select the articles?

What are the reasons for the research?

Concepts that are discussed and how do these relate to your weekly class topic?

Do you agree/disagree with the author’s hypotheses?

Any assumptions within the articles?


Any additional data you find relevant to the topic